Clio Cloud Conference 2018: Changing the Legal Profession for Good

Jack Newton, the CEO of Clio, opened the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference with a thoughtful keynote and a call to action: experience. He called for lawyers to start thinking about the experience their clients are having, promised to continue improving the lawyer’s experience in using the Clio software, and most relevantly, urged attendees at Clio Cloud to make the experience their own.

Check out our interview with Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau after the keynote:

Legal Talk Network brought four of our team to the experience, including CEO Adam Camras, Executive Producer Laurence Colletti, Marketing Manager Kelsey Johnson, and Marketing Coordinator Sam Cole. Our team bonded with the many hosts and guests on our network, often spontaneously creating new marketing and content ideas. We were intermittently able to sneak away from recordings to see the incredible keynote speakers and Launch/Code contest and even took some man/woman on the street interviews with Jared Correia. And we had some fun too.

This year at the Clio Cloud Conference, we added a new spin to our coverage. We checked in with Bernadette Hilgeman, a Clio user, law firm owner, and first time conference attendee! Stay tuned for a unique perspective, not from speakers or Clio staff, but from a lawyer at the other end of the tunnel.

Obviously, we still recorded tons of great interviews from speakers and experts. In case you missed a session or couldn’t make it to the event at all, we grabbed some quick recaps to help you catch up.

Podcasts Recorded at the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference

What’s New with Clio
Legal Ethics and Running A Modern Law Firm
Blockchain and AI used in the Legal Industry
The 2018 Legal Trends Report
Legal Accounting Insights
Every Lawyer is Also a Salesperson
Law and Code
How to Integrate with Clio
Building a Modern Law Firm
Advanced Automation With Zapier
Productizing Your Law Practice
Digital Marketing with SEM & SEO
How Data Can Make Legal Services Less Risky
Human-Centered Design for Lawyers

Special thanks to our wonderful podcast guests and hosts.

Kim Bennett
Jess Birken
Tara Cain
Laurence Colletti
Jared Correia
Rian Gauvreau
Andrew Gay
Tys von Gaza
Erin Gerstenzang
Jake Heller
Gale Kirsopp
Victor Li
Joshua Lenon
Cat Moon
Jason Morris
Jack Newton
Joe Patrice
George Psiharis
Jordan Raine
Michael Sander
Steven Silberbach
Kelly Street
Billie Tarascio
Jason Tashea
Gyi Tsakalakis
Ed Walters
Megan Zavieh
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