Jake Heller

Jake Heller

From the start, Casetext has focused on eliminating inefficiencies in legal research. As a litigator, Casetext founder Jake Heller experienced firsthand the frustrations of expensive, outdated, and inefficient legal research tools. And as an engineer, Jake understood that applying modern technology could provide a true competitive edge for law firms.

Jake teamed up with Stanford CodeX fellow Pablo Arredondo, who was focused on new approaches to legal research such as Casetext’s AI-backed legal research technology, CARA A.I. With the help of other former litigators working hand-in-hand with data scientists and engineers, Jake and Pablo began building the solutions they wished they had as litigators.

Casetext has since become one of the leading sources of legal information. One million people access Casetext’s legal library each month, and thousands of attorneys at firms big and small rely on Casetext award-winning contextual search to help them get the answers they need fast so they can spend more time on higher-value work.

Guest Appearances
October 26, 2018

Using Casetext for Legal Research

Jake Heller talks about how Casetext’s artificial technology software, known as CARA, works.

October 5, 2018

Clio Cloud 2018: Blockchain and AI used in the Legal Industry

Joshua Lenon and Jake Heller talk about how blockchain and AI play a role in their companies, what they are seeing with AI today, and how to spot a product that is...