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The Lanham Act Turns 75!

Joe Cleveland and Craig Stone discuss the Lanham Act and its creator, Texas Congressman Fritz Lanham.

State Bar of Texas Podcast

#346: Building Your Firm’s StoryBrand, with Dr. J.J. Peterson

StoryBrand and digital marketing expert, J.J. Peterson, shares how to build a compelling story around your brand that reflects your firm well.

Lawyerist Podcast

Season 2 Trailer

An announcement about the upcoming season two.

Young Lawyer Rising

“A Patriotic Obligation”: Kenneth Feinberg and the 9/11 Fund

“What is Life Worth” and “Who Gets What” by Kenneth Feinberg, available at Amazon.

Workers Comp Matters

Why an online legal marketplace has added tech companies and other alternative providers

"We are creating a much more connected ecosystem, so that in-house teams can find the right solution in one place," says Basha Rubin, CEO and co-founder at Priori.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

EP227 – Fighting Among Friends with Defense Attorney Tim Gearin

Why keeping cordial relationships across the aisle is good for your clients.

The Jury is Out
The Jury is Out

EP318 – Impostor Syndrome

Don't let it get you.

Heels in the Courtroom

Lawyers Behaving All Kinds Of Badly

What's with lawyers these days?

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

How the Pandemic Is Impacting the Opioid Crisis and People in Recovery

Expert guests discussing COVID's effect on the Opioid Crisis and people who suffer from it.

Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast

Supporting Resilience and Mental Health for Law Firm Employees

Laura Mahr shares insights on how to help lawyers and law firms recover from pandemic-related stress.

State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast

Practicing Productization

Dennis and Tom explore both history and current trends in legal service productization.

Kennedy-Mighell Report

A tale of love, loss and conservatorships in the Golden Age of Hollywood

Author Liz Brown discusses the tale of Harrison Post, a story that starts in the Gilded Age and moves through the Golden Age of Hollywood, a film noiresque tale of betrayal, and a WWII fight for survival inside concentration camps.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

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