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Best’s Insurance Law Podcast series examines key topics in the insurance industry from an attorney’s point of view. Featured panelists are top lawyers from firms profiled in Best’s Insurance Professional Resources, a highly selective online service showcasing only firms recommended by their clients for outstanding service to the insurance industry. Published by AM Best, Best’s Insurance Professional Resources is a claims industry resource that features qualified legal counsel, independent insurance adjusting services and expert service providers since 1928. AM Best is the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance rating and information source.

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ALPS is law firm insurance made easy! Founded by lawyers for lawyers in 1988, ALPS is the insurance carrier of choice for solo and small law firms. They offer comprehensive malpractice and business insurance solutions making it easy for you to protect your entire firm. As the carrier endorsed by more bar associations than any other, they understand how valuable your time is.

That’s why the ALPS insurance application is flexible, easy, and 100% online. Apply, review your quote, accept and pay in as little as 10 minutes.

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Generate quality briefs, memos, and red-lined contracts in minutes with Callidus AI. You enter the facts of a case, and then Callidus suggests bodies of law, statutes, and precedents. You tell it if those are relevant. Callidus then gives you a well-cited, well-formatted, and lengthy brief or memo. You can trust what’s going into the document because you put it there. For contracts, get a summary of differences and red-lines in minutes.
Be exceptionally productive and achieve better outcomes with the most advanced legal AI platform. Just 3 minutes from registration to results.

Listeners can get $90 off your first 2 months using the promo code JOE at CallidusAI.com.

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CallRail instantly procures a tracking phone number that forwards to your main phone number. Your customers dial the new tracking number, CallRail forwards the call, and you answer your main phone like you usually do. CallRail gathers statistics, and you can check them online in real-time. CallRail does not require any special training, equipment, or up-front investment.

CallRail’s passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive has fueled our product roadmap, from Call Tracking to Lead Center, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence. Plans for law firms start at just $45/mo.

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Clio is the leading legal case management software with the most 5-star reviews used by 150,000+ lawyers from mid-sized, small & solo firms. Work the way you want with flexible solutions for multi-practice firms and manage your law firm securely from anywhere. Personal Injury, Real Estate, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Immigration, and more. Access and manage your work in one central system – with matters, contacts, billing, and everything you need in one place.

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CosmoLex takes a matter-centric approach connects every entry to the appropriate client matter, while optimized calendar, document, and email management keep everyone on the same page. Money Finder, with one-click billing and built-in electronic payments make it easier than ever to get paid. Legal-specific trust and back-office accounting automatically keep you current and compliant. Over 100 reporting options help you analyze your firm’s performance and boost your bottom line.

Try a test drive at: CosmoLex.com.

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Why does American Democracy look the way it does today and how can we make it more responsive to the people it was formed to serve? “Democracy Decoded,” an award-winning podcast by Campaign Legal Center, with host Simone Leeper, examines our government and discusses innovative ideas that could lead to a stronger, more transparent, accountable and inclusive democracy.

Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit advancing democracy through law at the federal, state and local levels, fighting for every American’s right to responsive government and a fair opportunity to participate in and affect the democratic process.

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Docubee is an intelligent contract automation platform that makes it easy to securely gather information, generate documents, manage workflows, and collect legally binding eSignatures. Choose from pre-built templates or use the flexible workflow builder to automate your essential business agreements and cost-effectively scale your contract processes. Spend less time manually processing contracts and more time focusing on the relationships that matter. Docubee streamlines contract management so you can scale your business efficiently and enhance the ROI of each contract.

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Grow Law Firm is a Chicago-based team of experts in digital marketing for law firms. We work not only locally, but nationwide. For over a decade, we’ve helped solo attorneys, private practices, and major firms with hundreds of employees expand their reach and establish a strong online presence.

Whether you need a new website built from the ground up, search engine optimization to improve rankings, or ad campaigns that deliver results, our attention to detail ensures your marketing goals are met. Let our team of marketing experts craft an online strategy to attract more clients and grow your law practice.

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InfoTrack’s software helps law firms file and serve court documents and access key litigation services directly from popular practice management systems like Clio Manage, LEAP, Smokeball, and Time Matters®. Using the power of integration, InfoTrack can make filing faster and more accurate, while automatically expensing all costs.

With connections to state courts across California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York, and Texas (and more states under development), InfoTrack has wider coverage than any other eFiling service provider in the market.

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LAWCLERK is where attorneys go to hire freelance lawyers. Whether you need a first year to help with legal research or a seasoned attorney to draft a complicated appellate brief, LAWCLERK has talented freelance lawyers with every level of experience and expertise. When you find amazing freelancers you can add them to your “Team” so you can work together on a regular basis, without the overhead of full-time employees. Sign-up is free and there are no monthly fees. Only pay the flat fee price you set when you post work. Learn more at lawclerk.legal!

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McDermott Will & Emery is Vault’s #1 Law Firm for Associate Satisfaction three years running.  Why? Because they’re doing Big Law better. At McDermott, you define what your success looks like. They help you achieve it. Within McDermott’s collaborative, inclusive culture, you’ll find partners who are invested in your success. McDermott’s award-winning professional development program and hands-on mentorship propel you toward your goals, while their industry-leading wellness benefits help you feel your best so you can do your best. Want to see how your life could be better at McDermott? Head to mwe.com/abovethelaw/

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NALA is the nation’s leading professional association for paralegals offering continuing education, voluntary certification, and professional development. Established in 1975, NALA is a non-profit organization managed by a professional staff and a Board of Directors composed of volunteers from throughout the United States. The Association is composed of more than 7,000 individual members and 85 state and local affiliated associations, representing a total of 18,000 paralegals. Visit www.nala.org for details and information about NALA programs.

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PracticeMadePerfect (PMP) partners with law firms across North America to help them increase case volumes through website and advertising services. We build and manage law firm websites, social media accounts, and Google profiles. We also help build law firm brands and manage advertising investments across platforms to amplify their reach and influence the client journey to increase their volume of cases.

Whether you are a solo practice needing a dynamic website or an established law firm requiring strategic marketing solutions, PMP is built to help you succeed.

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Founded in 1933, Practising Law Institute (PLI) is a nonprofit learning organization dedicated to keeping attorneys and other professionals at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. PLI provides accredited continuing legal and professional education programs delivered by volunteer faculty, including top experts across practice areas. Additionally, PLI publishes a comprehensive library of treatises, course handbooks, answer books, and journals. The essence of PLI’s mission is a commitment to the pro bono community. Based in New York, PLI also has an office and Conference Center in San Francisco. 

Visit PLI now.

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Rankings.io is the law firm marketing agency the best firms hire us when they want the rankings, traffic, and cases other agencies can’t deliver. Rankings.io provides several services including SEO, Local SEO, Google Ads, Local Services Ads, and Website Design. Rankings.io only hires the top 1% of candidates who apply and hold them to the highest standards, ensuring your marketing success is their utmost priority. Never wait for answers with round-the-clock personalized support and get a consistent and measurable increase in cases when you partner with Rankings.io.

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Stafi provides elite virtual bilingual professionals, including Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Intake Specialists, Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers, and Marketing Specialists, serving 150+ US law firms. 

With Stafi, training, onboarding, and HR concerns are eliminated. As your HR partner, we find the right candidate, train them based on your needs, and our coaches and legal team help manage and supervise. This frees you to focus on core activities, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Schedule your free consultation here and get $500 off with code “HAPPY24.”

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TimeSolv is the most comprehensive yet easy to use time, billing and project management software designed for law firms. Developed in 1999, TimeSolv is the oldest cloud-based legal billing solution on the market. Our tools allow firms to quickly track time and expenses in multiple ways and when not connected to the internet or data carrier. Creating, editing and sending invoices is at our core, with our customers reporting they save 8 hours in the invoicing process each month as compared to their old solution.

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