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With Legal Talk Network, you can reach your audience of lawyers, solo practitioners, and practice decision makers by talking directly to them every time our listeners download our podcasts.

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Why use podcasts to reach lawyers?

1,327,910 licensed attorneys in the United States (1) They downloaded 2,700,000 shows from us in the last 12 months. (2)

52% of podcast listeners said they’re likely to take recommendations directly from podcast hosts. (3)

Tell your brand’s story in an authentic and credible way with hosts who work in the legal space every day.

Legal Talk Network is a podcast network providing content for legal professionals and those interested in the law. Our portfolio of 29 shows cover important legal news and developments, legal education, deep dives into practice management and marketing tools for law firms, innovation in law, and legal discussion. Sponsor the content your audience listens to.

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Find a show that has already attracted a loyal listenerbase that matches your ideal client: solo practitioners, young lawyers, Biglaw attorneys, firm owners, in-house counsel. Our listeners are actively seeking legal news and want to deepen their skills and improve their practice.

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Trusted Partnerships

We partner with the American Bar Association, ABA Journal, state and local bars, law schools, major law firms, legal thought leaders to create content to cover important legal news and developments, including access to justice, law school, industry events, legal technology, and the future of law.

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Proven by Our Relationships

Businesses that want to talk to lawyers sponsor our shows year after year. The high caliber relationships with leading practice management software developers, banks, insurers in the legal space and practice consultants look to Legal Talk Network for exclusive opportunities to talk to lawyers.

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Lisa Kirkman, Director of Partnerships

Your Sponsorship Resource

Lisa Kirkman, Director of Partnerships

Lisa is the bridge between businesses who want to get their message to lawyers, and the world class production team at Legal Talk Network. She helps sponsors choose shows to reach their target audience and make the most of their sponsorship. Lisa has 20+ years in media and advertising, consulted with clients in both digital and traditional channels, and loves podcasting because it makes room for diverse, interesting content.

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  1. American Bar Association ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, 2020
  2. 2.7 Million downloads in the prior 12 months with 59% YOY Growth (May 2021-22)
  3. Morning Consult study Meyers, A. (2020, November 9). From the Host’s Lips to the Audience’s Ears: The Power of the Host-Read Podcast Ad. Morning Consult.