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Legal Technology

New Solo

From Desktop Search to Video Conferencing: Technology for Solo and Small Firms

This legal podcast dives into topics like bar association benefits, outsourcing IT support, and transitioning from large firms to solo practices.

New Solo New Solo
Legal Toolkit

How Millennials View the Legal Industry

Drew Rossow and Elan Fields discuss their millennial perspective of the legal industry.

Legal Toolkit Legal Toolkit
Digital Detectives

Cybersecurity 2.0: Creating Order from the Regulatory Landscape to Build a Strategic Advantage

Denver Edwards discusses cybersecurity, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) cybersecurity framework.

Digital Detectives Digital Detectives
Kennedy-Mighell Report

What Lawyers Should Know About Drones

This legal podcast dives into drones and how they will affect the legal market.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Susskind sees ‘rosy future’ for law—if it embraces technology

Richard Susskind discusses his next book which focuses on technology in the courtroom.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels ABA Journal: Legal Rebels
Lawyerist Podcast

#128: Checking in on Katie Floyd’s Mac-Powered Solo Practice

We check in with Katie Floyd, co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast, about her experience setting up her solo practice and the tools she uses to run it.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
The Digital Edge

Evernote for Lawyers: Manage Your Research, Marketing, and Process

Heidi Alexander talks about Evernote and how it can help lawyers organize thoughts, research, and marketing.

The Digital Edge The Digital Edge
Lawyerist Podcast

#127: Rise of the Robot Lawyers, with Joshua Browder

In this episode, we talk to Joshua Browder about how he built his DoNotPay chatbot—which has already helped thousands an is about to grow into 300+ robot lawyers—has made robot lawyers a reality.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
Law Technology Now

What lawyers can learn about practice management from MyCase

Tracy Stevens, VP of Product and Design at MyCase, talks about cloud based practice management software and product design.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Internet Trends 2017

This legal technology podcast covers 2017 internet trends by reviewing the highlights of Mary Meeker’s Code Conference Report.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Un-Billable Hour

How Your Technology Mindset Affects Your Legal Business – Rebroadcast

In this Un-Billable Hour rebroadcast, Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMacIT, talks about the effect different technology mindsets have on legal businesses.

Un-Billable Hour Un-Billable Hour
Lawyerist Podcast

#126: Reinventing Your Law Practice, with Megan Zavieh

How to reinvent a new business model for your law firm when you're feeling sluggish.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
The Florida Bar Podcast

2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Social Media Ethics

This episode of The Florida Bar Podcast from the 2017 Annual Florida Bar covers social media and the ethical considerations lawyers need to make when using it.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast
The Florida Bar Podcast

2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: E-Discovery Resources and Digital Evidence

This podcast from 2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention discusses electronic discovery and digital evidence.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast
The Florida Bar Podcast

2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Leveraging Your Homepage

This episode from the 2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention dives into the advantages of making a website homepage more relatable.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast