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Gale Kirsopp

Gale Kirsopp

As the CEO of 4700Group, Gale Kirsopp is passionate about leveraging Clio and Quickbooks to help law firms gain a competitive edge by boosting their productivity and improving back office workflow.

Because of her extensive experience working at the intersection of law and accounting, Gale has spoken to numerous national and regional organizations over the past nine years. Her insights enable lawyers and accountants to better understand the capabilities of their software and the possibility of using accounting systems to make their practice more profitable. She conducts Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training for lawyers and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) training for CPA / EA and accountants.

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Guest Appearances
October 5, 2018

Clio Cloud 2018: Legal Accounting Insights

Gale Kirsopp talks about using realization rates as a tool for measuring revenue and productivity in law firms.