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Michael Sander

Michael Sander

Michael Sander is managing director of Docket Alarm and director of Fastcase Analytics. When he founded of Docket Alarm, Michael was an engineer turned intellectual property attorney who saw the legal research tools at his New York City law firm as too expensive and inefficient. Fast forward to today, Docket Alarm has led the field with advanced analytical capabilities and an easy-to-use design, all to get legal professionals to the information they need faster.

Guest Appearances
July 22, 2019

AALL 2019: Legal Analytics—Products & Best Practices

Diana Koppang, Jean O'Grady, Michael Sander, and Josh Becker survey the litigation analytics explored in their “super session” at the 2019 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference.

October 8, 2018

Clio Cloud 2018: How Data Can Make Legal Services Less Risky

Ed Walters and Michael Sander talk about how data analytics make legal services less risky for clients and give a strategic advantage to lawyers in litigation.