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Tara Cain

Tara Cain is a team lead in customer support at Clio and has been with the company a little...

Jordan Raine

Jordan Raine is a staff software developer at Clio. As part of the backend infrastructure team, Jordan is responsible...

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Joe Patrice

Joe Patrice is an Editor at Above the Law. For over a decade, he practiced as a litigator at...

Zapier is a platform that connects two different apps to increase efficiency using automation. For example, lawyers can automatically trigger events in Clio from a created matter. At Clio Cloud Conference 2018, On The Road host Joe Patrice talks to Tara Cain and Jordan Raine about how lawyers can use Zapier to connect apps and automate processes. They discuss how lawyers don’t need to be able to write a single line of code to create custom workflows with Zapier. It automates basic tasks for lawyers, giving them greater efficiency and reliability.

Tara Cain is a team lead in customer support at Clio, and also has 15 years experience working in law firms.

Jordan Raine is a staff software developer at Clio with a passion for building efficient and reliable systems.

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Published: October 8, 2018
Podcast: On the Road
Category: Legal Marketing
On the Road
On the Road

Recorded on the conference floor, "On the Road" includes highlights and interviews from popular legal events.

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