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ABA Annual Meeting 2019

ABA Logo 2019If you didn’t make it to the 2019 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Returning home with 15 episodes (linked below), it was our pleasure to interview the leadership, network news personalities, federal judges, ABA Medal winners, top presenters, singers, and more who participated in one of the legal profession’s largest gatherings.

Of particular mention was our time spent with leadership. We heard from Bob Carlson, Judy Perry Martinez, and Patricia Refo (ABA President, President-Elect, & President-Elect Nominee respectively). They discussed their “relay” approach to leading which ensures long term objectives will be completed after tenures end. We also learned about the new member benefits as well as the ABA’s work to advance the rule of law and help people in distress around the country.

On a related note, we also caught up with the American Bar Association’s Marty Balough who brought along CNN’s Joey Jackson and Sidley Austin’s John Levi as well as concert performers Robert Sims and Nancy Hays to talk about their support of the Legal Services Corporation and the type of work it funds. 

This year’s meeting featured over 600 CLE programs including the CLE in the City series, which were CLEs held at the most prestigious law firms in San Francisco. From that vast lineup of educational programs, we selected the following topics to cover:

  • Divorce’s Common Cash Flow Mistakes
  • Equal Pay
  • Avoiding Malpractice in Family Law
  • Legal Education and Student Lending
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence and the Workplace
  • Immigration Courts and Due Process
  • Blighted Real Property Transactions
  • Tips for Construction Litigation
  • The Space Industry and Government Contracts

In addition, we included two special productions in our line up at this year’s annual meeting. First, we welcomed ABA Medal winner Dale Minami, a personal injury attorney who is best-known for his civil right’s work overturning a 1944 conviction in Korematsu v. United States, a Supreme Court case upholding the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War 2.

Finally, we visited the State Bar of California to attend its public forum associated with the regulatory proposals set forth by their Taskforce on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services (ATILS). Members of the public/profession were encouraged to give feedback regarding the proposed changes to areas like unauthorized practice of law, fee sharing, advertising/solicitation, and non-lawyer ownership of legal practices. We did a round-table panel-interview covering the public forum which included practitioners, professors, vendors, consultants, and volunteers. 

Below is our complete collection of podcast interviews recorded from the 2019 ABA Annual Meeting as well as a list of the 43 participants who contributed. We hope you enjoy!

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: A Chat With ABA President, Bob Carlson

ABA President Bob Carlson stops by to discuss this year’s ABA Annual Meeting as well as the ABA’s work in wellness initiatives, pro bono for disasters, new member benefits, and immigration. Stay tuned to hear what President Carlson plans to do when his “Big Sky Presidency” comes to an end.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: ABA President-Elect, Judy Perry Martinez

ABA President-Elect Judy Perry Martinez sits down for a conversation about her upcoming presidency and the ABA’s role in issues like wellness, immigration, innovation & education, gun violence, and the rule of law. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: President-Elect Patricia Lee Refo

ABA President-Elect Nominee Patricia Lee Refo joins co-hosts Ralph Baxter and Laurence Colletti to talk about the relay race vs. sprint mentality of recent ABA leadership and how they are continuing the work of their predecessors.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Legal Services Corporation Concert

ABA’s Marty Balough is accompanied by CNN’s Joey Jackson, Sidley Austin’s John Levi, and singers Robert Sims and Nancy Hays for a discussion about the kind of work being funded by the Legal Services Corporation, how the organization operates, and how those efforts are helping people around the country. Stay tuned for a little note of levity. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: ABA Medal Winner Dale Minami

ABA Medal winner Dale Minami sits down with host Michele Wong Krause for a conversation about his work overturning the conviction in Korematsu v. United States, racism, immigration, and inequality. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Taking a Bite Out of Blight

Amber Knee from the Division of Traffic Planning, Jessica Bacher of the Land Use Law Center, and Lin Chin of Hello Housing stop by for a conversation about problem properties, how to deal with them, and resources attorneys can turn to.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: The Taskforce on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services (ATILS)

This power-panel interview features probate attorney Tara Burd, professor Kevin Mohr, ROSS CEO Andrew Arruda, California State Bar Trustee Joanna Mendoza, professor Daniel W. Linna, One400 co-founder Allen Rodriguez, former Orrick chair Ralph Baxter, and moderator Laurence Colletti discussing the ATILS public forum, reactions thereof, and the regulatory change proposals made to the California State Bar for areas like unauthorized practice of law, fee sharing, advertising/solicitation, and non-lawyer ownership of legal practices.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Five Big Cash Flow Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce

Justin Miller of BNY Mellon Wealth Management stops to discuss five financial pitfalls to avoid when going through a divorce, questions clients should be asking their lawyers, and non-legal professionals that should also be involved. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Equal Pay – Trends in Litigation, Emerging Legislation, & Corporate Equity Initiatives

Fred Alvarez of Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass, Jessica James of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, and Lori Andrus of Andrus Anderson discuss Equal Pay and the related legislation, litigation, and what questions lawyers should be asking their employer clients. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Protecting Employees of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Protima Pandey, director for the Office of Women’s Policy at Santa Clara County, and Jennifer Reisch, legal director of Equal Rights Advocates, talk about what employers can do when domestic and/or sexual violence issues find their way to the workplace. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Due Process Issues Facing the U.S. Immigration Courts

Judge Dana Marks, Judge Joan Churchill, and Karen T. Grisez of Fried Frank talk about immigration courts and the due process issues faced by those in proceedings. Stay tuned to hear how lawyers can get involved.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Practice Tips for Construction Litigation

Judge Sweeney, Judge Wheeler, Judge Williams, and Smith Pachter McWhorter’s Kathryn Muldoon Griffin sit down to discuss construction litigation, related benefits of ADR, and resources for practitioners with clients in construction.

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Uncomfortable Conversations About Legal Education Student Debt, Diversity, and More

Kyle McEntee, executive director of Law School Transparency, D. Benjamin Barros, Dean of the University of Toledo, College of Law, and Kyle Fry, in-house counsel, discuss law school tuition obstacles, the impact of US News Rankings, troubles in student loans, and possible fixes for a looming house of cards. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: The Intersection of the Space Industry and Government Contracts

Danny Cook of DLA Piper, Shawn Cheadle, general counsel of Lockheed Martin Space, Kelli Hooke, corporate counsel at T-Mobile, Milton Smith of Sherman & Howard, and Sumara Thompson-King, general counsel of NASA, stop by for a conversation about the space industry, related government contracts, and the impact of international treaties. 

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Top 10 Ways for Family Law Attorneys to Avoid Malpractice

Mark Chinn of Chinn & Associates sounds off on 10 big malpractice traps for family law attorneys and how this practice area has the highest instance of malpractice claims.


Participants (in alphabetical order):

  1. Fred Alvarez: Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass
  2. Lori Andrus: Andrus Anderson 
  3. Andrew Arruda: ROSS Intelligence CEO & Co-Founder 
  4. Jessica Bacher: Land Use Law Center
  5. Marty Balogh: ABA Associate Executive Director of Meetings and Travel Group 
  6. Professor D Benjamin Barros: Dean of the University of Toledo, College of Law 
  7. Ralph Baxter: Former Orrick Chief and Legal Industry Consultant 
  8. Tara Burd: T.Burd Law Group 
  9. Robert “Bob” Carlson: ABA President
  10. Shawn Cheadle: General Counsel of Lockheed Martin Space 
  11. Lin Chin: Hello Housing
  12. Mark Chinn: Chinn & Associates
  13. Judge Joan V. Churchill: United States Immigration Court (Retired) 
  14. Laurence Colletti: Executive Producer for Legal Talk Network 
  15. Danny Cook: DLA Piper 
  16. Kyle Fry: In-House Counsel
  17. Kathryn Muldoon Griffin: Smith Pachter McWhorter PLC
  18. Karen T. Grisez: Fried Frank 
  19. Nancy Hays: President of Nancy Hays Entertainment & Speakers, Inc. 
  20. Kelli Hooke: Corporate Counsel at T-Mobile 
  21. Joey Jackson: Analyst for CNN and HLN 
  22. Jessica James: Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe 
  23. Sumara Thompson-King: General Counsel of NASA 
  24. Amber Knee: Division of Traffic Planning
  25. Michele Wong Krause: Wong Krause Law Firm 
  26. John Levi: Sidley Austin LLP 
  27. Daniel W. Linna Jr.: Professor at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 
  28. Judge Dana Leigh Marks: Immigration Judge in San Francisco California 
  29. Judy Perry Martinez: ABA President-Elect
  30. Kyle McEntee: Executive Director of Law School Transparency 
  31. Joanna Mendoza: California State Bar Trustee 
  32. Justin Miller: BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  33. Dale Minami: ABA Medal Winner 
  34. Professor Kevin Mohr: Professor at Western State College of Law
  35. Protima Pandey: Director for the Office of Women’s Policy at Santa Clara County 
  36. Patricia Lee Refo: ABA President-Elect Nominee
  37. Jennifer Reisch: Legal Director of Equal Rights Advocates
  38. Allen Rodriguez: Co-Founder of the One400 
  39. Robert Sims: Award Winning Singer
  40. Milton “Skip” Smith: Sherman & Howard 
  41. Judge Margaret Sweeney: United States Court of Federal Claims
  42. Judge Thomas Wheeler: United States Court of Federal Claims 
  43. Judge Mary Ellen Coster Williams: United States Court of Federal Claims
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