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Nancy Hays

Nancy Hays

Nancy Hays received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Illinois in Urbana and Master’s Degree from Northwestern University in Evanston in Communications. Nancy was Director of Entertainment for the Chicago office of Jack Morton Productions from 1984-1993. She founded Nancy Hays Entertainment, Inc. in 1993.

Nancy has appeared as a guest on many national television networks including Fox, WGN, Discovery, and NBC. She has written articles for American Entertainment Magazine and her company’s products and services have been featured in publications such as Billboard Magazine, the Washington Post, the LA Times and Variety.

Nancy Hays is the former Co-Chair of the Emerging Talent and Trends Committee and one of the founding members of IACEP (International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers). Nancy is also a popular business and motivational speaker on the topics of Emerging Trends, Generational Marketing and Sustainability.

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Guest Appearances
August 15, 2019

ABA Annual Meeting 2019: Legal Services Corporation Concert

John Levi, Joey Jackson, Nancy Hays, and Robert Sims to discuss the purpose and goals of the Legal Services Corporation fundraiser concert at the ABA Annual Meeting 2019.