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Kathryn Griffin

Kathryn Griffin

Ms. Griffin represents contractors across a range of industries on federal, state, and private projects. She specializes in representing contractors in resolving contract claims and disputes with the federal government and prime-subcontractor disputes on federal and federally-funded projects. She has a depth of experience in claim analysis and presentation, including work with technical experts, scheduling experts, and cost and pricing experts.

She has extensive experience representing defense contractors with respect to government cost accounting issues, covering among other issues government proposed disallowances of executive compensation and broad-based employee compensation (including the costs associated with health and welfare benefits). She also has experience assisting government contractors with a full spectrum of other contracting issues including those involving audits and investigations and procurement fraud allegations. Her experience includes assisting contractors in developing and evaluating their ethics and compliance programs, as well as representing contractors who have been suspended or proposed for debarment. She is also experienced in the conduct of internal investigations and employee interviews pertaining to compliance issues and in support of independent monitor engagements.

Ms. Griffin has worked with national, international, and local construction and engineering firms on major contracting issues including defective specifications, differing site conditions, constructive changes, contractor performance evaluations, and liquidated damages.

Ms. Griffin currently serves as the immediate past President of the Board of Contract Appeals Bar Association (BCABA); and served as the BCABA President and Vice President in 2017 and 2016, respectively. She teaches a Cost & Pricing course as an adjunct professor at George Washington University School of Law. She has published on several aspects of government contracting, with a recent focus on decisions and rules regarding contractor performance evaluations.

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