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Legal Talk Network On the Road covers the latest conferences, bar meetings, industry events, and trade shows. Often recorded live from the conference room floor our hosts interview bar presidents, committee and section chairs, and other leaders to offer an exclusive look at the biggest events in legal, as well as what is on the horizon for those who practice law.

Mar 12, 2018
The New Word of Mouth: Lawyer Ratings and Reviews

Gyi Tsakalakis and Erin Gerstenzang talk about getting reviews, dealing with negative reviews, and creative responses to reviews for lawyers.

Mar 9, 2018
ABA 2018 Paris Sessions

ABA President Hilarie Bass announces the ABA's 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Mar 9, 2018
What’s a Digital Marketing Strategy and how do I get one?

Tips for lawyers who are serious about making their marketing matter, including finding your target audience and using the questions your clients are asking for content ideas.

Mar 8, 2018
Getting Women Into Legal Tech Leadership Roles

Get women into leadership roles, Hold large institutions accountable in regards to diversity and harassment charges, and focus energy on teaching legal tech to elementary-age girls.

Mar 8, 2018
Backup and Disaster Recovery: DIY or Buy?

Stanley Louissaint talks about the best and most efficient ways to prevent and recover from a data disaster.

Mar 5, 2018
Celebrating the Denver Winners of the Global Legal Hackathon

Jeremy Church, Carlos Gochez, Chad Jolly, Nathan Benes, Otto Hanson, and Katherine Snow talk about their winning experience and their legal solution, LexLucid.

Mar 5, 2018
Denver’s Global Legal Hackathon Judges Panel

The judges panel of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon, John Tredennick, Scott Sanderson, Laurie Kuhn, Randy Robinson, and Chad Perlov, talk about their favorite proposed legal solutions.

Mar 5, 2018
Tech Women of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon

Yev Muchnik, Larkin Reynolds, Carol Lynn Grow, and Katherine Snow talk about their unique perspective of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon as women in tech.

Mar 5, 2018
Introducing the Global Legal Hackathon Denver Teams

Get to know the Denver Global Legal Hackathon participants Jason Crosby, Aiko Cheslin, Nathan Benes, Christopher Osburn and Jake Parker.

Mar 1, 2018
Rights Now Wins at NYC’s Global Legal Hackathon

Max Paterson and Zeke Hughes talk about how they won the New York City chapter of the first Global Legal Hackathon with their app called Rights Now.

Mar 1, 2018
Checking in from from Toronto, NYC, and Denver

Trent Carlyle and Chad Jolly from Denver and Aileen Schultz from Toronto, Canada talk to David Fisher and Laurence Colletti in New York about Global Legal Hackathon updates.

Mar 1, 2018
Dreaming about Blockchain

Andrea Tinianow, of Global Kompass Strategies, discusses why so many institutions (including the government) are using blockchain technologies.

Mar 1, 2018
Training AI to Reason and Think Like Lawyers

Brian Kuhn, co-founder of IBM Watson Legal, explains how they are training artificial intelligence to think and reason like a lawyer.

Feb 24, 2018
The Global Legal Hackathon Leaders from NYC

Leaders emerge early for New York City’s chapter of the first Global Legal Hackathon. What are they working on and how will it change the legal industry for the better?

Feb 20, 2018
Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession

Jeff Kuester talks about functional alcoholism and why it’s important for lawyers to monitor their alcohol consumption.

Feb 20, 2018
The Challenge of Affordability and Access in Legal Education

Kyle McEntee, Rachel Van Cleave, and CJ Ryan discuss the rising cost of law school including what’s driving the price to rise and what makes this a complicated issue to change.

Feb 13, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Hands-On Experience with the National Trial Academy

Fred McClure and Chris Marks talk about the National Trial Academy sponsored by the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section of the ABA.

Feb 12, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Exploring Health Law

Bill Horton and Simeon Carson discuss how the Health Law Section of the ABA serves lawyers involved in healthcare with programs and webinars for its members.

Feb 6, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Is Online Dispute Resolution a Reality?

Colin Rule talks about the potential uses of online dispute resolution in the legal industry.

Feb 6, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Rules of Lawyer Advertising

Linda Shely talks about the model rules of professional conduct on lawyer advertising.

Feb 6, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Compounding Pharmacy Fraud Defense

Kevin Napper and Nina Marino speak as lawyers who defend compounding pharmacies accused of prescribing unnecessary medication.

Feb 6, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: How Lawyers Can Help Homeless Youths

Casey Trupin, Michael Santos, Angela Vigil, Melanie Redman, Darla Bardine, and Stephen Gaetz talk about the ABA homeless youth initiatives and how lawyers can get involved.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: The ABA’s Opioid Summit

Jack Young talks about why the ABA’s Opioid Summit is important and how it will help lawyers deal with the crisis both professionally and personally.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Fighting Implicit Bias in Law and Beyond

Rosevelie Marquez Morales, Rhonda Hunter, and Tommy Wells talk about implicit bias, how it affects the legal industry, and how to overcome it on a daily basis.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Challenges and Rewards for Women in Politics

Suzanne Anton and Ellen Rosenblum, both attorneys general, talk about the professional and personal challenges women face when getting involved in politics.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Getting to Know the National Association of Bar Executives

In this On The Road from ABA Midyear 2018, Karen Hutchins talks about what the NABE is and how it serves the legal community.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: A Look at Capital Punishment in the U.S.

Cassandra Stubbs talks about the issues that come with using the death penalty, like racial discrimination, geographic discrimination, and potential innocence.

Feb 5, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: President Hilarie Bass on Homeless Youth, Women in Law, and Education

Hilarie Bass, President of the ABA, talks about the issues she has focused on during her presidency like women leaving the profession, homeless youth, and attorney wellness.

Feb 2, 2018
ABA Midyear 2018: Introducing President-Elect Bob Carlson

ABA President-Elect Bob Carlson speaks about what his presidency will look like, his unique perspective as a small firm owner, and what influenced him to take on this role.

Jan 24, 2018
Introducing the World’s Largest Legal Hackathon

Integra Ledger's David Fisher and Aileen Schultz talk about the Global Legal Hackathon, which aims to be the world's largest legal hackathon.

Nov 20, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Blockchain

Christian Smith talks about what blockchain is and what legal problems it does and doesn’t solve.

Nov 20, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: Technological Decentralization in the Legal Industry

Chris Jagers talks about decentralized technology and its implications for the legal industry and beyond.

Nov 20, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: Blockchain in Ireland

David Fisher talks to Rebecca Ryan and Barry O’Connor about how Ireland views blockchain and how their firm encourages collaboration and innovation.

Nov 20, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: An Introduction to the New Certification Program at Suffolk

Andrew Perlman and David Colarusso discuss the new certification program at Suffolk about innovation, technology, and new ways to provide legal services.

Nov 20, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: Deconstructing Self-Sovereign Identity

Amy ter Haar talks to Drummond Reed about self-sovereign identity, how it works, and what it could mean for the future of law.

Nov 17, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: The Legal Hackers Movement

Tony Lai and Mark Potkewitz talk about the legal hackers movement including how it helps with access to justice and the potential of open data.

Nov 17, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: Using AI as Augmentation not a Replacement

IBM Watson Legal's Shawnna Hoffman and Brian Kuhn talk about the potential and future of AI in the legal industry.

Nov 16, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: Lawyers Outsmarting their Smart Contacts

Casey Kuhlman talks about what smart contracts really are, how they work, and how dual integration can maintain the role of lawyers within the process.

Nov 16, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: A Glimpse at the Tech-Enabled Firm

Bob Craig talks about how the application of new technologies, like blockchain and smart contracts, could affect the way law firms function.

Nov 15, 2017
MIT Legal Forum 2017: The Future of Lawyers and Technology

Jonathan Askin talks to Professor Alex Pentland about several of the hot topics at the MIT Legal Forum on AI & Blockchain.

Nov 13, 2017
Evolve Law’s Access to Justice Through Technology Event in Denver

In October, Evolve Law hosted an event in which a panel discussed potential technological solutions to the access to justice gap.

Nov 13, 2017
Evolve Law’s Access to Justice Through Technology Event in Denver Live

In October, Evolve Law hosted an event in which a panel discussed potential technological solutions to the access to justice gap.

Sep 28, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: LawyerSlack: Once you Slack, There’s no Going Back

Keith Lee and Brian Lynch discuss LawyerSlack an online community where lawyers can network, get advice, or even just hang out.

Sep 27, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: Increasing Accessibility for Disabled Lawyers with Haben Girma

Haben Girma, the first deafblind Harvard graduate, discusses how to increase accessibility in websites, applications, education, and law firms.

Sep 27, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: The Perks of being a Demand-Driven Organization

Mark Britton, founder of Avvo, talks about what it means to be a demand-driven organization and why more lawyers should invest in client feedback.

Sep 27, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: Building a Complete Law Firm

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold talk about their presentation and the three things lawyers should be doing or thinking about along with tech adoption.

Sep 26, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: A Sneak Peek at New Clio

Joshua Lenon discusses New Clio with Eric and Ernie Bin in this report from the 2017 Clio Cloud conference.

Sep 26, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: Why Lawyers Should be like Astronauts

Jack Newton, Phil Brown, and Rian Gauvreau talk to Chris Hadfield about what molds a true leader and how to anticipate failure without letting it overwhelm you.

Sep 26, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: Data Driven Decision Making & Process

Mary Juetten and Sam Glover discuss the best ways to use data for law firm management and marketing.

Sep 26, 2017
Clio Cloud 2017: Implementing Bitcoin in the Legal Industry

In this report from the 2017 Clio Cloud conference, Joshua Lenon discusses using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the practice of law.

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