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Clio Cloud Conference 2019

This year’s Clio Cloud Conference made its way to my home town and “America’s Finest City” San Diego, California. Now in its Seventh year with over 2,000 attendees, Clio’s marquee event continues to impress with top tier speakers like keynotes Glenn Greenwald, Shaka Senghor, Deanna Van Buren, and Daniel Pink whose powerful main stage talks tug at your heart strings, challenge your preconceptions, and give you a new perspective.

Their backstay of tuned-up educational programming was designed to help practitioners run leaner more profitable law firms. This year’s conference featured five tracks to choose from (Legal Technology, Business of Law, Industry Workshops, Clio University, and Clio University Workshops). That assortment of tracks catered to a variety of lawyers in attendance, whether they wanted to enhance their use of Clio’s practice management platform or sought information on running better legal practices.

Related and of particular note was the latest from the Clio Legal Trends Report, an ongoing free-to-everyone annual industry study as presented by their Chief Operating Officer George Psiharis. Along with its standard trappings of data and metrics, this year’s report focused on the client experience while seeking a lawyer for help. Among many other factors, the report revealed that 68% of prospective-client email inquiries received no reply at all whereas similar inbound phone calls were only answered live 56% of the time. The bottom-line is that attorneys are missing a lot of potential business from clients in need.

At the risk of being too editorial, if you want more profits from your legal practice, you should definitely review all editions of the Clio Legal Trends Report (2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019). The information contained within is uniquely useful and reveals many ways to reap large gains from relatively low inputs of time and energy.

Clio shared some really big news. In their 11 years of business, they have grown from a two-man company to a nearly 500 employee operation, with 200 integration partners, and now 150,000 clients. This year, they managed to attract a 250 million dollar Series D Financing Transaction from TCV and JMI Equity which put them in the same family of investments as AirBnB, Netflix, Peloton, Expedia, and Spotify. 

In addition to locking their position as an organization, Clio unveiled many new updates and stories including:

Our audio coverage from this year’s Clio Cloud Conference highlights best practices for running and growing your law firm. We touched upon methods and recommendations for time keeping, client experience, metrics/data, and personal branding. In addition, we featured recaps from keynote speakers Shaka Senghor (reforming your life and criminal justice reform), Deanna Van Buren (spaces that de-encarcerate), and Daniel Pink (the real value of timing) as well as a game show recorded from the conference floor quizzing contestants about what they learned from the Clio Legal Trends Report.

Below are links to our complete catalogue of podcasts recorded from the 2019 Clio Cloud Conference as well as a list of the 32 participants who contributed. Thank you to all who joined us. We hope you enjoy!

Clio Cloud 2019: Jack Newton

Clio co-founder and CEO Jack Newton stops by to discuss client experience, successful leadership, and data from their Legal Trends Report. In addition, he delves into Clio’s ethos and the vital importance of empowering and supporting an entrepreneurial workforce #DTFO 🦉. Stay tuned to hear about recent updates to their practice management platform and hear why legal spend will grow from from 437 billion to 1.4 trillion. Oh, and somehow Jack found time to write a book titled The Client Centered Lawfirm.

Clio Cloud 2019: Time Keeping 2.0: Measuring What Matters

Are you wasting valuable time in your practice day and thus losing money? How can anyone be sure? Madison Goddyn and Sarah Greig sit down with host Christopher Anderson to discuss measuring what matters while tracking time. 

Clio Cloud 2019: Launch//Code Competition

Jesse Harink, Andrew Gay, and Molly McDonough sit down with host Jared Correia to talk about Clio’s Launch//Code Competition, what inspired it, the $100,000 prize, getting from 70 entrants to 5 finalists, and how the winners are helping the practice of law.

Clio Cloud 2019: Legal Trends Retort Game Show!

Hosted by George Psiharis (without a spaghetti mic 🎙), this fun game-show styled podcast, inspired by Clio’s Legal Trends Report, features contestants Chad Burton, Erin Gerstenzang, Jennifer Reynolds, and John Strohmeyer in a bout for trivial supremacy. Spoiler: Chad is wrong a lot.  

Clio Cloud 2019: Personal Branding in a Changing World

Katy Goshtasbi joins host Gyi Tsakalakis for a conversation about personal branding through an individual’s unique talents and the use of personally-defined visions over external expectations.  

Clio Cloud 2019: Media Panel

Hosted by Laurence Colletti, this media panel features bloggers, legal technology commentators, and fellow podcasters discussing their reasons for attending the Clio Cloud Conference as well as what they found most interesting. {participants: Keith Lee of Lawyer Smack, Gregory Pang of Legal Cut Pro, Chelsey Lambert and Cathy Kenton of Legal Tech Media Group, and Joe Patrice of Above the Law and Thinking Like a Lawyer}

Clio Cloud 2019: Shaka Senghor

Keynote speaker Shaka Senghor joins California Innocence Project’s Michael Semanchik to talk about his time behind bars and transformation through becoming a writer and speaker on criminal justice reform.

Clio Cloud 2019: The Win-Win Legal Services Model

Burnout is bad and the legal profession is proficient at creating it. Erin Levine sits down with host Renee Stackhouse to talk about her win-win methods to stave off the burn, provide affordable services, and live the life you want. 

Clio Cloud 2019: The Importance of the Client Experience

John Strohmeyer joins host Gyi Tsakalakis to talk about methods to provide an exceptional client experience by knowing your customers, seeking feedback, and deploying technology. 

Clio Cloud 2019: Daniel Pink

We’ve all heard the expression “timing ⏱ is everything” but where does that come from? Keynote speaker Daniel Pink sits down with host Patrick Palace to discuss how human cognitive abilities change throughout the day and why he believes there is a right time and a wrong time for everything. Stay tuned to hear how you can optimize your legal practice through the art of timing.

Clio Cloud 2019: Affinity Partners Workshop

An increasing number of bar associations are working with Clio to find ways to improve member benefits. Rio Peterson, Nefra MacDonald, and Jonathan Israel join host Jared Correia to talk about this process as well as tips for collaborating with vendors who serve the legal profession.

Clio Cloud 2019: Restorative Justice through Architecture with Deanna Van Buren

Can architectural spaces make a difference in how we resolve legal conflicts and help reform criminal offenders? Keynote speaker Deanna Van Buren thinks so and explains how her work is changing the way we engage criminal justice, even in cases of murder.

Clio Cloud 2019: Interview with Mark Britton

Avvo founder Mark Britton sits down with host Christopher Anderson for a conversation about making legal services easier to use, joining the Clio Board of Directors, and the importance of business principles in legal practice.


Participants (in alphabetical order):

  1. Christopher Anderson
  2. Mark Britton
  3. Chad Burton
  4. Laurence Colletti
  5. Jared Correia
  6. Andrew Gay
  7. Erin Gerstenzang
  8. Madison Goddyn
  9. Katy Goshtasbi
  10. Sarah Greig
  11. Jesse Harink
  12. Jonathon Israel
  13. Cathy Kenton
  14. Chelsey Lambert
  15. Keith Lee
  16. Erin Levine
  17. Nefra MacDonald
  18. Molly McDonough
  19. Jack Newton
  20. Patrick Palace
  21. Gregory Pang
  22. Joe Patrice
  23. Rio Peterson
  24. Daniel H. Pink
  25. George Psiharis
  26. Jennifer Reynolds
  27. Michael Semanchik
  28. Shaka Senghor
  29. Renee Stackhouse
  30. John Strohmeyer
  31. Gyi Tsakalakis
  32. Deanna Van Buren

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