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Nefra MacDonald

Nefra MacDonald

Nefra MacDonald is a legal technology and wellness speaker who, as the Senior Manager of Strategic Engagement at Clio, works with bar associations and other legal organizations to help lawyers succeed in their practices. With over a decade of experience in the legal industry, Nefra understands the pain points that affect law firms, and she uses her expertise to help lawyers streamline processes and run a better business. Nefra is passionate about bringing a practical lens to each one of her presentations, so each attendee leaves with a takeaway that can improve their day-to-day. She has been a speaker at the Clio Cloud Conference, ABA TECHSHOW, and many other legal conferences across North America.

Guest Appearances
October 18, 2023

Clio Cloud 2023: How to Build an Anti-Fragile Law Firm

The ways you invest in yourself, your technology, and your law firm can make or break your success in times of struggle. Host Gyi Tsakalakis talks with Nefra MacDonald about the concept...

October 22, 2019

Clio Cloud 2019: Affinity Partners Workshop

Rio Peterson, Nefra MacDonald, and Jonathon Israel discuss the benefits of Affinity/bar association partnerships.

May 5, 2019

Why Lawyer Wellness Matters

Four experts who work with lawyers in their careers share their perspectives on why it’s critical that lawyers start making wellness a priority