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Legal Technology

On the Road

MIT Legal Forum 2017: A Glimpse at the Tech-Enabled Firm

Bob Craig talks about how the application of new technologies, like blockchain and smart contracts, could affect the way law firms function.

On the Road On the Road
On the Road

MIT Legal Forum 2017: The Future of Lawyers and Technology

Jonathan Askin talks to Professor Alex Pentland about several of the hot topics at the MIT Legal Forum on AI & Blockchain.

On the Road On the Road
ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Robert Ambrogi’s blog points lawyers to tech’s opportunities

Bob Ambrogi recounts his unorthodox path towards legal journalism, as well as where he sees the legal industry heading.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels ABA Journal: Legal Rebels
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Why Lawyers Don’t Use Document Assembly (and Why They Should)

This legal technology podcast covers why lawyers aren’t using document assembly and why this should probably change.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Un-Billable Hour

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What Lawyers Need to Know

Joshua Lenon talks about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and why it's essential for lawyers to know what these technologies are and how they work.

Un-Billable Hour Un-Billable Hour
Digital Detectives

A Breach of Trust: The Aftermath of the Equifax Hack

This legal technology podcast covers the Equifax breach including who was affected, the resulting lawsuits, and whether or not the hack was preventable.

Digital Detectives Digital Detectives
Law Technology Now

Changing the Legal Game with Blockchain

David Fisher talks about what blockchain is and its application in the legal industry.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now
New Solo

Polish and Perfect Your Legal Writing Skills

Ivy Grey and Daniel Heuman of Intelligent Editing’s PerfectIt talk about the editing services that their product offers and how it helps lawyers daily.

New Solo New Solo
Robert Half Legal Report

Escalating cyber threats demand heightened security practices for law firms

Scott Giordano examines why law firms are among the most vulnerable for cyberattacks.

Robert Half Legal Report Robert Half Legal Report
Lawyerist Podcast

#142: How to Energize Your Speaking Engagements, with Pete Vargas

Pete Vargas explains how lawyers can use speaking engagements to generate new clients and referrals and outlines a three-part presentation outline.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
The Digital Edge

The Apple Product Cheat Sheet for Lawyers

Brett Burney talks about the latest Apple products and how they can serve lawyers.

The Digital Edge The Digital Edge
The Insurance Law Podcast

The Electronic Logging Device Mandate and Effect on Future Trucking Litigation

Attorneys address the impact of electronic data devices on defense litigation and their effect on future trucking cases. 

The Insurance Law Podcast The Insurance Law Podcast
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Celebrating the 200th Episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report

Dennis and Tom answer questions about a wide array of topics like client portals, misused technology, and (Tom’s favorite) Bluetooth speakers.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Lawyerist Podcast

#141: How Lawyers Can (and Should) Use Pinterest for Marketing, with Christina Scalera

Christina Scalera explains why Pinterest really is a great place for lawyers to build business, and how to approach it.

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
Law Technology Now

How Axiom is Using AI to Modernize Legal Services

Paul Carr talks about how Axiom uses technology, including AI, to modernize legal services and streamline processes.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now