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Legal Technology

Kennedy-Mighell Report

Legal Blogging the Right Way

What does blogging for lawyers (or blawging) look like today and what are the best tools to start one.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Un-Billable Hour

How Your Technology Mindset Affects Your Legal Business

Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMacIT, talks about the effect different technology mindsets have on legal businesses.

Un-Billable Hour Un-Billable Hour
New Solo

Diving Into Solo Practice: Advice from the Experts

Adriana Linares talks to three lawyers who have gone out on their own at the Bar Association of San Francisco’s first annual Solo and Small Firm Conference.

New Solo New Solo
Legal Toolkit

Digital Assistance in the Practice of Law

In this episode of The Legal Toolkit, Louise Kennedy and Mitch Jackson join Jared Correia to discuss the role of digital assistants in the practice of law.

Legal Toolkit Legal Toolkit
Digital Detectives

Smishing, a Growing Cyber Security Threat

In this episode of Digital Detectives, Sprint's Joe Hamblin joins hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek to discuss Smishing and other cyber security threats.

Digital Detectives Digital Detectives
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Have You Tried Restarting?

Dennis and Tom discuss troubleshooting, including their own four step approach to fixing technology problems.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Lawyerist Podcast

#106: Can Lawyers Really Innovate? with Jon Tobin

Should lawyers learn to develop their own software and can they forecast the future of law practice?

Lawyerist Podcast Lawyerist Podcast
On the Road

ABA Midyear Meeting 2017: Road Rage

Road rage, driverless cars, technology and the future, and how lawyers (and drivers) should be prepared for these changes.

On the Road On the Road
Law Technology Now

The Origin of Rocket Matter: What Makes Web-Based Legal Software Successful

Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port discusses his company, investors and competition, and gives advice to young technology entrepreneurs.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now
The Florida Bar Podcast

The Automated Law Firm: Tech that Saves You Time and Money

Lawyer and tech expert Andrew LeGrand explains how to use apps and automation to optimize your law firm efficiency.

The Florida Bar Podcast The Florida Bar Podcast
Kennedy-Mighell Report

Alexa, Play the Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast

Dennis and Tom discuss the potential uses of voice-enabled technology like Amazon Echo and Google Home for legal professionals.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report
Law Technology Now

Legalweek 2017: Expanding the Conference Beyond Tech

Guests discuss Legalweek 2017 a conference originally focused on technology but has broadened its scope to include the whole legal industry.

Law Technology Now Law Technology Now
Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The Legalities of Amazon’s Echo

The Amazon Echo as a murder case witness, legalities surrounding the Echo, technology-based evidence, and the impact on future cases.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Lawyer 2 Lawyer
Digital Detectives

The Ransomware Epidemic in Law Firms: A Guide to Defense and Survival

In this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek discuss ransomware with the CEO of LMG Security, Sherri Davidoff.

Digital Detectives Digital Detectives
Kennedy-Mighell Report

A Time to Learn: 2017 Goals and Tech Resolutions

In this episode of the The Kennedy-Mighell Report, hosts Dennis and Tom talk about their 2017 New Years tech resolutions.

Kennedy-Mighell Report Kennedy-Mighell Report