ABA Annual Meeting 2018

American Bar AssociationThis year’s ABA Annual Meeting was quite an affair. In addition to top caliber speakers like Eric Holder, Rod Rosenstein, and Rahm Emanuel stopping by to present, major issues like #MeToo, immigration, the 14th Amendment, the opioid epidemic, the student loan bubble, bias at SCOTUS, the death penalty, the future of the Legal Services Corporation, and much more were discussed.

When it was all said and done, there was no way for us to cover every important topic circulating around the American Bar Association but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. All in all, we recorded and published 22 interviews featuring 67 participants from the conference center floor. We even enlisted some hosting help from the ABA Journal, the State Bar of Texas, Palace Law, and one former ABA President (thank you Linda Klein).

Among the roster of guests we had incoming and outgoing American Bar Association presidents (Bob Carlson and Hilarie Bass), a former Vice Admiral Judge Advocate General (Nanette M. DeRenzi), The Florida State Bar President (Michelle Suskauer), and nationally known Supreme Court advocate and commentator (Dean Erwin Chemerinsky from Berkeley Law) to name a few.

It was a big year of leadership coverage as well. We were fortunate to be joined by the leaders of ABA Young Lawyers Division, ABA Solo Small Firm and General Practice Division, National Association of Bar Executives, ABA Section of Litigation, National Conference of Bar Presidents, Probar, Human Rights First, and Military Spouse J.D. Network. For a complete list of our guests and topics featured in our audio coverage, please reference the links and descriptions below.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Introducing ABA President Bob Carlson

Incoming ABA President Bob Carlson stops by to discuss his leadership initiatives including toolkits for firms and bar organizations to combat lawyer depression, addiction, and suicide as well as educational content to help solo, small, and medium sized firms run better more profitable practices.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Legacy of Hilarie Bass

Outgoing ABA President Hilarie Bass stops by for a conversation about her many initiatives including increasing the career longevity of women attorneys, Legal Fact Check, helping homeless youth, and improving bar passage rates.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Blockbuster Supreme Court Decisions in a Partisan Era

ABA Journal’s Kevin Davis and co-host Laurence Colletti interview Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of Berkeley Law about the latest Supreme Court session, bias on the Court, and predictions for pivotal future cases.

Erwin Chemerinsky

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: State Attorneys General and Federalism in the Obama/Trump Eras

ABA Journal’s Victor Li is joined by Dan Rodriguez, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, William Hurd, and Wisconsin Solicitor General Misha Tseytlin for a conversation about the actions and prerogatives of the state attorneys general in the current political climate including lawsuits brought against the current administration and how that compares to past administrations.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Young Lawyers Division Update

Outgoing Chair for the ABA Young Lawyers Division Dana Hrelic stops by to talk about membership opportunities, advantages of joining their division, and future programs.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Temporary Law Licenses for Military Spouses

Former ABA President Linda Klein and co-host Laurence Colletti are joined by Vice Admiral Nanette DeRenzi, The Florida Bar’s President Michelle Suskauer, and the Military Spouse J.D. Network’s Karen Scanlan and Katherine Lee Goyette for a conversation about admittance issues faced by lawyer spouses of active military members being relocated for assignment and how they are working towards a system of temporary law licenses. They also discuss the Veterans Legal Service Initiative and the law service clinics that are partnering legal assistance along with medical help for veterans.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Introducing GPSolo

Melanie Bragg, chair of ABA Solo Small Firm and General Practice Division, joins host Laurence Colletti for a conversation about the diverse practice areas of their membership, their assistance programs, upcoming events, and why lawyers should be interested in joining their group.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Trial Preparation and Practice

State Bar of Texas’ Rocky Dhir sits down with Latanishia Watters, Sarah Rogers, and Judge Terry Ruckriegle to talk about trial prep, building credibility with judge and jury, and setting reasonable expectations for clients. Stay tuned to hear about the best and worst things they’ve seen litigators do during a trial.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: #MeToo in the Legal Industry

ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward sits down with Nicole VanderDoes for a conversation about the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment in the workplace, and what to do if superiors are making you feel uncomfortable.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Criminal Justice Tussle with Technology

ABA Journal’s Jason Tashea talks with Andrew Grosso, Judge Bernice Donald, Alan Butler, and Lorraine Kisselburgh about technology changing the law, the Carpenter case, and the legal implications of using algorithms.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Climate Resilience and Legal Adaptation

Host Laurence Colletti is joined by Tina Campbell Hebert, Brian Daly, David Silverman, Hari Osofsky, and Dan Rees for a discussion about climate change, the law, and the role of courts in setting policy.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: How the NABE Helps Leadership

Karen Hutchins and Julie Armstrong of the National Association of Bar Executives drop by for a conversation about the benefits of joining their organization, programs they offer, and why bar leaders should get involved.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Future of Arbitration

Host Laurence Colletti is joined by Adam Fuller, Heidi Roll, Maya Ewing, and Daniel Hemel for a conversation about the Epic Systems v. Lewis case and how it’s changed the use of arbitration clauses in employment agreements.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Managing Student Loans

ABA Journal’s Jason Tashea interviews Bruce Brotine, Lyssa Thaden, and Zach Weber about student loan debt, refinancing options, and the pitfalls of Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Approaching the Opioid Crisis at the Source

ABA Journal’s Liane Jackson interviews Dr. Dave Preble about opioids, their use in pain management, and better ways to prescribe them to avoid destructive behaviors associated with addiction.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Legal Services Corporation in Concert

Marty Balogh, John G. Levi, E. Faye Butler, Zachary Stevenson, and Judge Lora J. Livingston on behalf of the Legal Services Corporation drop by to talk about their fundraising efforts as well as the important representation and volunteer work being done by their organization.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: ABA Section of Litigation

Host Laurence Colletti talks to Koji Fukumura and Barb Dawson about the ABA Section of Litigation, its educational content, and the benefits it provides to its 47,000 members.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The National Conference of Bar Presidents

Host Patrick Palace is joined by the National Conference of Bar Presidents’ Jennifer Parent to discuss their organization and its focus on leadership, innovation, collaboration, and preparing lawyers for change.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: The Miranda Rights Warnings Project

ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles talks to Melba Pearson, Richard Pena, Moire Corcoran, Matt Redle, and Jeremy Alexis about the Miranda Rights Warnings Project which implements technology to translate Miranda Warnings for people who don’t speak English.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: How Aggressive Should We Get in Pleadings?

Hosted by State Bar of Texas’ Rocky Dhir, this episode features Judge Michael Panter (retired), Matthew Moeller, David Pardue, and Michael Weber talking about the purpose of pleadings and what goes into successfully drafting them.

Rocky Dhir

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: International Human Rights in the Trump Administration

Human Rights First’s Elisa Massimino joins host Laurence Colletti to talk about international human rights, the Trump Administration, and how it differs regarding refugees and the treatment of immigrants.

ABA Annual Meeting 2018: Lawyers Helping Families Divided at the Border

ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles talks to Kimi Jackson, Maria Woltjen, and Anne Chandler about the common legal issues faced by immigrants at the border such as family separation and what the ABA is doing to help.

Participants (in alphabetic order):

  1. Jeremy Alexis
  2. Julie Armstrong
  3. Marty Balogh
  4. Hilarie Bass
  5. Melanie Bragg
  6. Bruce Brotine
  7. Alan Butler
  8. E. Faye Butler
  9. Bob Carlson
  10. Anne Chandler
  11. Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
  12. Laurence Colletti
  13. Moire Corcoran
  14. Brian Daly
  15. Kevin Davis
  16. Barb Dawson
  17. Vice Admiral Nanette DeRenzi
  18. Rocky Dhir
  19. Judge Bernice Donald
  20. Maya Ewing
  21. Koji Fukumura
  22. Adam Fuller
  23. Katherine Lee Goyette
  24. Andrew Grosso
  25. Tina Campbell Hebert
  26. Daniel Hemel
  27. Dana Hrelic
  28. Bill Hurd
  29. Karen Hutchins
  30. Kimi Jackson
  31. Liane Jackson
  32. Lorraine Kisselburgh
  33. Linda Klein
  34. John G. Levi
  35. Victor Li
  36. Judge Lora Livingston
  37. Elisa Massimino
  38. Matthew Moeller
  39. Hari M. Osofsky
  40. Patrick Palace
  41. Hon. Michael R. Panter (Retired)
  42. David Pardue
  43. Jennifer Parent
  44. Melba Pearson
  45. Richard Pena
  46. Dr. Dave Preble
  47. Lee Rawles
  48. Matt Redle
  49. Dan Rees
  50. Daniel B. Rodriguez
  51. Sarah Rogers
  52. Heidi Roll
  53. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
  54. Judge Terry Ruckriegle
  55. Karen Scanlan
  56. David Silverman
  57. Zachary Stevenson
  58. Michelle Suskauer
  59. Jason Tashea
  60. Lyssa L. Thaden
  61. Solicitor General Misha Tseytlin
  62. Nicole VanderDoes
  63. Stephanie Francis Ward
  64. Latanishia Watters
  65. Michael Weber
  66. Zach Weber
  67. Maria Woltjen

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