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Our 21 Most Popular Podcasts of 2015

Legal Talk Network Microphones 300pxAs listeners may or may not know, Legal Talk Network produces and publishes over 15 podcasts and provides exclusive interviews from legal conferences throughout the year. In 2015, we covered a variety of issues important to lawyers, law firm employees, and law students including topics like legal technology, best firm practices, finding the right job, and much, much more.

Because I listen to all of our podcasts, I know my favorites, but our listeners are the ones who really matter. For that reason, I have listed the episode of each podcast that was most downloaded and listened to in the car, at the gym, or wherever you decided to consume our legal content this year. From our attorney analysis of the Serial case to the ethical duty of tech competence, here are our Top 21 Podcasts of 2015!

So take a look and maybe try out a new podcast. Maybe you’ll remember a particularly useful episode that you want to revisit or you’ll discover an entirely new set of quirky hosts. If you do, let us know in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #LegalTalk2015!

1. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Breaking Down The Serial Podcast – Attorneys Dissect Adnan Syed’s Case

Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams discuss Serial and the case it made famous with three attorneys.

2. ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

How can attorneys get help without harming their careers?

What are your ethical duties if you know that a colleague is battling an addiction or suffering from mental health problems?

3. ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Grammar nerds, meet your Comma Queen

Mary Norris,a copy editor for the New Yorker since 1978, discusses lawyers’ affinity for language and the behind-the-scenes challenges involved in magazine editing.

4. ABA Law Student Podcast

Senator Lindsey Graham on Getting Through Law School and Being a Lawyer

Senator Lindsey Graham discusses getting through law school, being an advocate, and public service loan forgiveness.

5. Thinking Like a Lawyer – Above the Law

Legal Feud

Above the Law editors Joe Patrice and Elie Mystal face off in a trivia challenge. Do you know your constitutional amendments? How about your Supreme Court history? Play along at home.

6. Digital Detectives

Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System: What is Admissible?

Judge David Waxse discusses the relationship between bad science and wrongful convictions and how we can improve the use of forensic science in the criminal justice system.

7. In-House Legal

Skills for Success as a General Counsel

Mark Roellig, General Counsel of MassMutual, is interviewed about the skills lawyers need to go in-house or become a general counsel, how to properly manage an in-house team of attorneys, and why diversity is important in business.

8. New Solo

How David Sparks Started His Solo Practice

David Sparks talks about why he decided to go solo, the first actions he took, and struggles he encountered during the process.

9. Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: The Ethical Duty of Technological Competence with Andrew Perlman

Andrew Perlman discusses how the lawyer’s ethical duty of competence is evolving and what level of technological proficiency is reasonably expected today.

10. The Digital Edge

Speech Recognition and Dictation Solutions for Today’s Lawyer

Britt Lorish talks about speech recognition and dictation solutions, added benefits of current dictation software, common misconceptions about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and the best microphones and apps to consider.

11. The Florida Bar Podcast

Admission on Motion, Reciprocity, the UBE, and Non-Lawyer Licensing

Lawyer and chair of The Florida Bar Admissions Committee Lance Scriven talks about the pros and cons of Admission on Motion, the Uniform Bar Examination, and non-lawyer legal professional licensing.

12. The Kennedy-Mighell Report

How A Lawyer Can Control Their To-Do List With Task Managers and Technology

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss taming the to-do list, their own approaches to using technology to help with task management, and questions every lawyer should ask when looking for a management tool to suit their needs.

13. The Legal Toolkit

What Does the 21st Century Legal Career Look Like?

Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess, founders of the online resource Trebuchet Legal, examine the steps to creating an alternative legal career path and give suggestions to what students should be doing in law school to prepare for the future.

14. The Paralegal Voice

Paralegal Education and Landing a Job

Many paralegals have problems getting a job with no experience but can’t get experience without having a job. This is one of the worst paradoxes in the field. Tune in for tips from Madonna University paralegal professor Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D.

15. The Un-Billable Hour

Law Firm Leadership: Build Your A Team

Broel Law Group founder Erik Broel analyzes what it means to build an “A Team,” how attorneys should hire and train their staff, and the underlying qualities of becoming a successful leader.

16. Workers Comp Matters

Chronic Pain, Opioid Addiction, and Injured Workers

Dr. Joel Morton takes a look at the association between chronic pain and opioid addiction and talks about alternative treatments to long-term opioid prescription.

17. Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

The 21st Century Lawyer: Utilizing Technology Competency as a Marketing Tool

An overview of the new skills and competencies that lawyers should have today that they did not need only 20 or 25 years ago, especially with regard to the use of technology.

18. Ringler Radio

Spotlight on a New, Non-Traditional “Structured Settlement” Product

A spotlight on Havelet Assignment Company and their new non-traditional ‘Fixed Annuity Product,’ called Havelet Fixed.

19. Robert Half Legal Report

Making Succession Planning an Ongoing Priority

An examination of the importance of succession planning and why it is imperative to the future viability of law firms.

20. The ESI Report

2015 Trade Shows and Trends in E-Discovery

Two experts in the e-discovery field, Eric Robinson and James Sherer, discuss their main takeaways from the Jolt Symposium and Legaltech New York and how current trends could affect the day-to-day jobs of e-discovery professionals.

21. The Insurance Law Podcast

Attorney Discusses Landmark New York Case Pertaining to Legal Malpractice Claims

Attorney Anthony Grande discusses a controversial case recently decided by the New York Court of Appeals pertaining to legal malpractice claims.

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