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Many paralegals have problems getting a job with no experience but can’t get experience without having a job. This is one of the worst paradoxes in the field. Paralegal education programs have been changing to help resolve this and other issues. Many classes are now offering in depth subjects such as legal research and many others are available as online courses. Additionally, many paralegal students are now required to do internships to gain experience. What should students look for in a paralegal program and how do they best promote their education when looking for a job?

In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, Vicki Voisin interviews Madonna University paralegal professor Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D. about how paralegal education has changed, the programs and systems at Madonna, and best practices for using your education to get a job. Urisko talks about how online courses expand the geographical reach of paralegal education and have improved with podcasts, videos, and blogs. However, she explains, the ABA doesn’t approve programs done entirely online; there is a great benefit to the networking and discussions that come from a physical classroom. Urisko discusses how her legal research courses include using LexisNexis and Westlaw, people and assets found online, and legal writing. In order to get a job, Urisko recommends that students list skills acquired on their resumes, create a portfolio of their best works, and do internships or find any job in a law office. Many times, even an admin in a law office can create essential network opportunities with lawyers.

Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D., is a professor and the assistant director of the Paralegal Studies Program at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.  She has been a faculty member since 1989 and holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. She received her JD from the University of Detroit School of Law and is a member of the state bar of Michigan. At Madonna University, she teaches paralegal studies, legal research and writing, business associations, computer assisted legal research, and legal research on the internet.

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Published: February 10, 2015
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