We welcome two guests who helped the Florida Bar craft first-ever ethical guidelines for using emerging AI technology in legal practice.
A new survey proves clients care about a lawyer’s tech skills. Hear about adding the latest tech and about emerging jobs in the legal tech field.
It’s hard enough opening a practice. But after a couple years, what’s next? Hiring, marketing, tech? Learn from someone who did it.
AI isn’t sci-fi. It’s real. It’s today. And it’s already on your computer. Resistance is futile, and it can help you be more productive.
Time never stands still. Neither does tech! Dig into a special episode on the latest in Microsoft subscriptions, tools, and online security.
You’re a lawyer, you know better. But, are you doing better? When you use AI tools, read the terms of service, and understand what you are sharing (possibly) with the world.
We talk tech with returning guest Adam Alexander! It’s harder than ever to keep up with the latest in tech and security, but there are steps you can take today.
Hear how successful personal injury attorney Joshua Bonnici quit his law firm job and launched his own practice while building a brand that stands out.
This inspiring episode tells the true story of a gutsy dad who started his own legal practice from scratch with no clients, no office, and no partner.  Guest Michael Mendoza is an...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. But can you put your name on a legal brief written by a computer? Soon, yes, you probably can!
You can write better briefs. Guest Chris Schandevel, the Brief-Writing Ninja, says stop writing “like a lawyer” and start writing clear, smart arguments.
Are you Mac or PC? Or do you even know what you want? A deep dive into the Mac vs. PC divide.
Guest Andrew Schierberg retired from his first career after 20 years as a police officer, investigator, and chief in Northern Kentucky. Then he asked, “What next?” With a law degree and a...
“If You’re Litigating, You’re Doing eDiscovery.” Every practicing lawyer needs to understand the vital do’s and don’ts of digital data management.
Quite a few bar associations have practice management advisors (or perhaps someone in a similar role), but a whole lot of lawyers aren’t aware of how this free member service could help them change...
For solos sharing office space with other attorneys, there are advantages, but also potential headaches. How do you navigate this arrangement? Guest Jared Correia is a podcaster, lawyer, and full-time business management...
Hanging up a shingle takes more than a law degree. Today’s legal tech and software helps solo and small practices be more productive and organized than ever. “Good enough” isn’t good enough....
Sorry, but it’s true. Google and Google Maps are vital to your success. This is what you need to know. We’re not joking.
Why do we call it a law “practice” and not a “business?” Guest Christopher T. Anderson explains the science of a successful law firm.
The ABA Techshow isn’t just for tech wizards; rather, it should be a vital part of every solo lawyer’s networking plan! Guests Jeannine Abukhater Lambert and Gyi Tsakalakis are co-chairs of the...
Guest Joanne Martin is an inspiration to anyone considering a career change later in life. She’s a family law attorney in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. While she vigorously represents her clients, she...
Still think your small or solo practice can go it alone without a client relationship platform (CRM)? Maybe you don’t have all the facts. From intake to holiday cards to referrals and...
Guest Ana “Ani” P. Rodriguez-Newbern is a “do-gooder,” a Florida lawyer dedicated to service both to the state of Florida and to the public good. She serves on multiple legal committees while...
Guest Levi Barlavi is a “niche practice” solo attorney, focusing on the needs of medical providers. He started his own practice just three years after law school, and, yes, it can be...
Clio, the legal tech services giant, provides options that can help firms comply with federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. As many lawyers know – or come to learn...
Author and solo practice guru Carolyn Elefant shares tips from her newly revised book, “Solo By Choice.” It’s all here.
In a special episode, Adriana and IT guru Adam Alexander answer your questions about all things Microsoft 365, Office, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more.
We’re not just about New Solo practitioners. In this episode, we talk with a veteran attorney about adding the newest in tech to an established small practice.
Attorney Ruth B. Carter cuts through the clutter, leading the charge for clear client communication and upfront discussions about rates.
Feeling introverted, shy, or socially anxious doesn’t have to hold you back as a lawyer. Learn to understand yourself and succeed.
Building a solo or small practice? Service to others builds your brand, creates networks, and establishes lifelong connections.
ABA Law Practice Division Chair Heidi Barcus and Vice Chair Mary Vandenack discuss the many resources available to attorneys from solos through big law firms.
Cassandra Michel discusses the many challenges and decisions she made in her first year as a new solo.
Special episode: Microsoft Office Doc and File management today. What you need and what you don’t.
You can love your clients and your practice, but these tech tools and tips will help you love your life, too.
Estate planning lawyer Marie Stockton makes sure her clients not only can, but want to read important, potentially life-altering documents.
Brand new solo Dean Blachford binged New Solo’s episodes before launching his practice. He offers a crash course featuring standout episodes.
Solo Rachel Allums earned her law practice chops running a firm before joining the bar, and her estate planning practice is all the better.
How new solos Taly Goody and Michelle Fonseca-Kamana create videos for social media that attract clients and referrals. 
When one can practice almost anywhere, why not Puerto Rico? Sarah de Deigo leapt even before the pandemic popularized these wholesale moves.
Business consultant Peggy Gruenke explains what happens when solo and small firms don’t have their financial houses in order.
With an updated format and new segment, Adriana Linares takes listeners behind the scenes of a firm’s migration to the cloud.
Marketing expert Seth Godin and Jack Newton discuss niche practices and how lawyers can be the ‘one and only’ in a crowded field.
Guest Jonathan Greenblatt shares four tips for building a successful legal career, even when you’re not in the job you expected.
Having launched as a solo just a year ago, Kelly Roberts shares tips that made her practice profitable by month two.
Lawclerk co-founder Greg Garman expounds on how the pandemic, aka, the tech enlightenment period, opened doors for lawyers and legal business.
Digital marketing expert Jason Marsh explains how internet ad campaigns work in concert with a firm’s client intake process.
Neil J. Squillante announces TechnoLawyer’s Top Product Awards for 2020.
Legal marketing expert Conrad Saam demystifies online marketing with no-nonsense tips about SEO, choosing a URL, and hiring a marketer.
Conrad Saam gives an overview of the fundamentals of good legal marketing.
Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields share their insights on effective LinkedIn use from their book, “Make LinkedIn Work for You: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals.”