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Law & #FreeBritney | WALL-E v Ultron | Very specific SCOTUS kink | Give to get

Being away for a midsummer vacay meant binge listening to LTN’s recent podcasts to catch up.

For inspiration, laughs, and sober advice, I recommend the following playlist explaining #FreeBritney and covering the WALL-E of legal tech, surly judges, and SCOTUS poetry.

#FreeBritney conservatorship explained

Beyond the headlines and hype, a legal process is being used to control the assets earned by superstar Britney Spears. 

The Chicago Bar Association’s At the Bar podcast explores a sensational case in the context of conservatorship matters and the particularities of permanent conservatorship. 

Co-hosts Jonathan Amarilio and Jennifer Byrne interview California probate attorney Justin Gold to explain how the conservatorship system is supposed to work, its pros, cons, and whether it has failed Britney Spears.


The #FreeBritney Edition

Are robots breathing down our necks?

When you hear artificial intelligence and you think “Black Mirror,” “The Matrix,” or the supervillain Ultron, Jared Correa says to relax.

In legal tech, he says AI is more like Pixar’s WALL-E, cleaning up trash in service to the lawyers around it. 

On Legal Toolkit, Correia interviews Dashboard Legal founder Mat Rotenberg about the role of automation and collaboration tools post-pandemic and legal practitioners’ future.

Legal Toolkit

The Robot “Takeover”; Law Firm Productivity; and “Balls Deep”

Predictions about alcohol and back-to-work parties

As many are headed back or settling back to the office, there remain unanswered questions about what to expect. 

Mental health expert Patrick Krill advises patience and more patience. On Asked & Answered, Krill speaks with host Stephanie Francis Ward about preparing yourself to go back to the office. And he offers a caution about celebratory parties.

Because so many people increased alcohol consumption during the pandemic, firms may see a side of their lawyers they didn’t expect. And lawyers may show a side of themselves they don’t want their managing partners to see.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

For this lawyer, becoming more flexible was a benefit of the pandemic

A very specific SCOTUS kink

Thinking Like a Lawyer covers various topics, from surly judges to an odd anonymous caller who gets off on librarians reading about a very specific Supreme Court case.

Hosts Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino try to make sense of the rash of the calls and deliberate on stories involving judges who became rationally and/or irrationally irritated in court.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

When Judges Attack

The more you give, the more you get

That’s what Paul McCartney told SNL’s Chris Farley, and it’s what Gyi Tsakalakis says is the key to getting more referrals from colleagues. 

On Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, Gyi and co-host Conrad Saam discuss being “tangibly awesome” and other ways to ensure the right clients are opening your door.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Being Tangibly Awesome & Other Ways to Get Referrals

Ripped from the headlines

Legal Talk Today tackled top-of-mind topics and waxed poetic, with episodes covering biometric data collection in the Big Apple, “learned helplessness” during the pandemic, and poetry derived from Supreme Court cases.

Legal Talk Today

NYC’s Scary Biometric Data Law

Legal Talk Today

Learned Helplessness

Legal Talk Today

Poems from the Supreme Court

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