Clio Cloud Conference – The Big Return

After a long slumber in the doldrums of virtual gatherings, the Clio Cloud Conference returned to real life in Nashville, Tennessee. Needless to say, this legal tech community was long overdue to catch up and collaborate with dear friends and colleagues. So much had changed since the last in-person conference in San Diego during 2019. Despite the multi-year Covid-pause, new attendance records were reached with 2,000 participants on-location and 1,000 tuning in from the virtual world. 

True-to-form, the “Clions” invested far outside the bell-curve on amenities, speakers, and educational programming. This year’s conference was set against the gargantuan backdrop of the ‘Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center’, a nine acre indoor facility equipped with its own river, water park, and fun-faux town square under a gigantic glass atrium. 

As for the speakers, the Keynotes included former Solicitor General Neal Katyal, ‘The Art of Gathering’ author Priya Parker, ‘Influence: Science and Practice’ author Robert Cialdini, and of course Clio Founder/CEO Jack Newton.

In addition to learning better ways to use the Clio Practice Management Platform, particpants had access to a variety of educational sessions designed to make legal practice more profitable, efficient, and enjoyable. 

For our part, we recorded 18 short-format podcasts loaded with economic data/trends about the legal profession as well as ways for generating more business in your law firm. If you want to learn more about marketing your firm, building automations into your legal work, or what today’s client really want… you’ve come to the right place. All of these episodes are linked below.

Lastly, we had the great privilege of getting early access to the 2022 Clio Legal Trends Report. This free annual publication is easy-to-read and offers unparalleled insights about the legal profession. In my humble opinion, this unique report is a must-read for anyone who owns or manages a law firm. Among the many data points included are the following:

  • Billing rates by practice area and location
  • Client preferences for delivering legal services
  • Billing methods that increase collections
  • Economic factors impacting the legal profession
  • Work flows and software
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Episode List:

Insights from Clio’s 2022 Legal Trends Report

Amid inflation, rising interest rates, and volatile employment markets, Clio takes a look at how global trends have impacted business and productivity among law firms.

What Lies Ahead for Legal with Jack Newton

The world of lawyering has surged in spite of the pandemic, but new adversity looms. Fears over inflation, war, hiring markets, and a recession have left many attorneys wondering how to prepare for the coming months.

Building Influence thru Relationships & Persuasion with Robert Cialdini

Host Christopher Anderson sits down with acclaimed author Robert Cialdini to talk about his scientific research into influence. Robert discusses the many effects of influence in the world, shares his Six Principles of Persuasion, and explains how solid, meaningful relationships help us build our influence both personally and professionally. 

How to Design Scalable Legal Services

No matter your practice area, smart planning can help you grow your business. Co-hosts Christopher Anderson and Laurence Colletti talk with Tim Parlatore about creating a scalable law firm.

Lessons Learned from Starting a New Law Firm

Why start your own law firm? –Freedom, a creative business model, providing a unique client experience… and the list goes on! Sharing highlights from their panel discussion, Austin Pantaleo, Lindsey Egan, and Joe Gibson talk through vital lessons learned while starting up their law firms and give their top strategies for success as a solo attorney.

The Benefits of a Legal Blog

Legal blog posts are great tools for building relationships with potential clients because they create trust, credibility, and allow you to create a personal connection with your clients.

Hire for Success – Best Practices for Growing Your Team

If you’re working way more hours than you want to, it’s time to hire someone new! Hiring another lawyer for your firm lightens your load, lessens the likelihood of burnout, and makes you more money. Kristin Tyler shares insights on current hiring trends and outlines how to connect with the right talent for your team. 

Decision Science with Nika Kabiri

Bad decision making is a very human problem, but that doesn’t mean we can’t override our natural tendencies and make successful choices. Host Stephanie Everett taps into Nika Kabiri’s insights on science-based decision strategies. 

How to Use PR to Build Your Law Firm’s Brand

Even small firms can use PR to their advantage. Joe Patrice talks with Pamela Smith about leveraging PR strategies for firms of any size.

Automating Workflows with Zapier

Avoiding busywork should be at the top of your to-do list, and automation is the best solution. Foojan Shabrang and Scott Hamilton offer tips for getting started with Zapier to automate your workflows.

How to Get Paid for Your Legal Services—Without the Chase

Creating a happy path from intake to invoice makes getting paid a lot easier, but how do you get there? Hosts Laurence Colletti and Stephanie Everett talk with Adrian Francis and Raquel Trinidad about client billing without the hassle.

How Content Creation Can Grow Your Law Firm

Strategic messaging helps your community understand why they want you to be their lawyer. Tune in to Laurence Colletti’s conversation with Camille Moore and Phillip Millar to learn how to take the plunge into online content creation and grow your brand.

Innovation in the Courts with Judge Schlegel

The pandemic was a driver for change in justice systems around the globe, but one court’s innovative and inexpensive approach is worth a closer look. Judge Scott Schlegel manages what may be one of the most advanced courts in the United States for delivering justice online. 

Reisman Award Winner Andrew Rudder – Best New Law Firm

Reisman Award winner Andrew Rudder talks with host Patrick Palace about his path to becoming a lawyer, including some of the unique experiences and challenges he has faced as a black attorney.

Reisman Award Winner Geeta Daswani – Excellence in Client Service

“A great client experience should be at the core of what you do.” – Geeta Daswani, winner of the Excellence in Client Service Reisman Award, talks with podcast host Patrick Palace about her firm’s best practices for thoughtful and efficient client interactions. 

Finding Balance – How to Make the Most of Your Time

How much can we really get done in a day? Christopher Anderson talks with Clio presenter Olivia Vizachero about how to become a consistent, confident manager of your schedule.

How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it, social media is where you need to be to get noticed by modern consumers. Gyi Tsakalakis chats with Michelle Fonseca-Kamana and Adam Juratovac about developing online presence to strengthen credibility and reach new clients. 

Managing Client Expectations for Long Term Success

Lack of communication and surprisingly large bills are often major sources of complaint for law firm clients, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Attorneys Shreya and Colin Ley share their simple strategies for managing client expectations and providing a better customer experience.


  1. Christopher Anderson
  2. Robert Cialdini
  3. Geeta Daswani
  4. Lindsey E. Egan
  5. Stephanie Everett
  6. Michelle Fonseca-Kamana
  7. Adrian Francis
  8. Joe Gibson
  9. Iffy Ibekwe
  10. Adam S. Juratovac
  11. Scott Hamilton
  12. Nika Kabiri
  13. Joshua Lenon
  14. Colin Ley
  15. Shreya Ley
  16. Teresa Matich
  17. Phillip Millar
  18. Camille Moore
  19. Jack Newton
  20. Kevin O’Keefe
  21. Patrick Palace
  22. Austin Pantaleo
  23. Tim Parlatore
  24. Joe Patrice
  25. Rio Peterson
  26. Andrew Rudder
  27. Judge Scott Schlegel
  28. Foojan Shabrang
  29. Pamela Smith
  30. Raquel Trinidad
  31. Gyi Tsakalakis
  32. Kristin Tyler
  33. Olivia Vizachero

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