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Editor’s Picks: Inside story on Joseph Pilates | Military paralegals | Bonus season in full swing

Large Thanksgiving gatherings may have been fewer in number, but one thing is certain, the focus remained on food. Lots of it, whether families substituted turkey with lobster or the ham with tasty takeout. 

Now that the gorging is over, you may be exploring ways to fit more comfortably in your clothes. Not quite ready to do the exercise? No worries. 

Lee Rawles, host of The Modern Law Library, has a fitness tale to share. She interviews practicing lawyer John Howard Steel, one of the few people still living who worked with Joseph Pilates both in and out of his studio.

Steel tells the story of Pilates, the man behind the physical and mental fitness phenomenon that remains an international sensation, drawing millions of practitioners and tens of thousands of instructors. He shares insights on “contrology” from his book, Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates & His Legacy.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Lawyer recounts the life and legacy of the mysterious man behind Pilates

Work-life Balance: Dedicated desk space and how to feel fulfilled at work

In the scramble to set up remote workspaces at home, the home office look and feel probably wasn’t a priority. Now that remote work is more likely even post-pandemic, the Lawyererst Podcast hosts have some suggestions for sprucing up the space. Small things and personal touches can make a big difference in mood and productivity. 

For a bigger picture look at fulfillment while working remotely, host Laura Briggs speaks with Sarah Aviram, author of Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment.

Lawyerist Podcast

#305:How to Create More Fulfillment with Your Work, with Sarah Aviram

Specialized Experience: Legal services in the military 

On the latest Paralegal Voice, host Carl Morrison interviews MSgt. Albert Perez Oyola about paralegal training paths in the military and specializations in military law. The two compare civilian versus military systems of justice. Perez Oyola explains that paralegals are still military personnel and are trained and even combat-ready when necessary depending on their assignments. 

Paralegal Voice

Military Trained and Combat Ready

Business of Law: Bonus season in full swing, plus pandemic-related workplace and hiring trends

Good news or bad news first? Thinking Like a Lawyer hosts Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino share the good, the bad, and the ugly with BigLaw bonuses, what those signal for the future, and the new law grad employment situation.

Plus…firing squads. Are they more humane than lethal injection? Patrice and Rubino debate.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

Ready… Aim… Bonuses!

On the Robert Half Legal Report, guest Billie Moliere shares pandemic-related workplace trends related to productivity in a remote work environment. And she shared predictions for post-pandemic business culture. Moliere and host Charles Volkert discuss hiring trends and the most desirable candidate attributes in 2020. This includes tech proficiency for lawyers and experience with ediscovery for paralegals. 

The Legal Report from Robert Half

Legal Teams and COVID-19: Key Strategies for Adapting to a New Business Environment

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