New Formats Highlight Tactical Advice for Evolving Practices

Two popular podcasts featuring practical, actionable tips for growing and marketing a law practice have revealed format changes complete with games and Spotify playlists. 

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing is tinkering with format changes in real-time, using the podcast as a live case study to demonstrate branding, marketing techniques, and other strategies for drawing in and engaging a target audience.

Gyi Tsakalakis

Hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam considered renaming the podcast and changing up the music. They are now embroiled in a marketer v. marketer throw down. The marketer who can increase the audience base the most wins.

Tsakalakis, founder of Attorney Sync, and Saam, founder of Mockingbird Marketing, are focused on providing tactical advice in practical, relatable terms.

After more than a decade in production, Jared Correia’s Legal Toolkit released its reinvigorated format in October. 

Conrad Saam

Correia says he opted for a more conversational approach with shorter segments to liven up his previous straight interview format. Not to mention, everyone and their brother is podcasting these days. 

“You need to continue to change and take risks to remain relevant,” says Correia, who is CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting and co-founder and COO of Gideon Software.

In the new format, Legal Toolkit takes a page from late-night with a monologue, a conversation with a guest, plus regular segments including skits and games.

Jared Correia

Correia found influence from Bill Simmons’s “Grantland” and “The Ringer.”

“I wanted to combine legal and pop culture the way he combined sports and pop culture,” Correia says. “ Lawyers have other interests in their life outside of the law, and I wanted to make the show reflective of that, more holistic.”

Like Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, Correia’s format change is laced with practical lessons for listeners looking to improve their business models.

“I always err on the side of being bold, and I think that lawyers should be more aggressive in the way they market their practices,” Correia says.

Lawyers are often paralyzed by change if they can’t be perfect. Correia advises the approach he’s taking with the podcast format:

“Try marketing as a series of experiments. You’re testing things out, trying things. Then, you collect the data, gauge response, and see how things go. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn’t, maybe it needs tweaking.  You’re not going to bat a 1,000 anyway, so why not be yourself.”

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