ABA Antitrust Update 2019

The ABA Section of Antitrust Law recently recorded a series of podcasts covering the latest developments in competition and consumer protection law. This 12-part installment features some of the specialty’s biggest names discussing the most pressing issues in this practice area today. Among the many topics covered are the following:

  • 67th Antitrust Law Spring Meeting
  • Big Data
  • Brexit
  • Cartel Penalties
  • Corporate Counseling Tips
  • Pro Bono
  • Social Media
  • Updates from Asia
  • Updates from Latin and South America
  • Women of Antitrust


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Updates from the Spring Meeting Co-Chairs

The Spring Meeting is the largest gathering of the competition and consumer protection bar globally with over 3,500 attendees. The Spring Meeting co-chairs Adam Biegel and Renata Hesse provide insight into how the conference introduces new subject matters in both antitrust & consumer protection, the happenings of spring dinner, the who’s who in attendees, and how the section features content for all levels of experience. Tune in to hear why enforcers, practitioners, and newbies come from all over the world to attend.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Women of Antitrust

Hosted by Gabrielle Kohlmeier and Jodie Williams, this podcast features a conversation with Mika Clark, Deona Kalala, and Tara Isa Koslov about what it’s like to be a woman in antitrust and consumer protection and the challenges they face. In addition, they give advice for others wishing to enter the area like finding good mentors, demanding good work, and allowing yourself to not be perfect. Finally, they share goals they want for the ABA Section of Antitrust Law.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Social Media

Host Danielle Haugland sits down with Steve Cernak, Alicia Downey, and August Horvath to discuss the proper and professional use of social media as well as talk about the advantages of the different platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn). The panel encourages lawyers to be bold and reach out by sharing both professional and personal aspects of their lives to engage the next generation online.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Antitrust Developments in Asia

In panel interview format, host Ken O’Rourke talks to Kala Anandarajah, Ninette Dodoo, Kalyani Singh, and Brent Snyder about recent antitrust developments in Asia. Together they discuss regional enforcement, important cases, big tech competition matters, and E-Commerce in their regions of Singapore, China, India, and Hong Kong. The subtle reasons for big differences in the treatment for companies like Uber might surprise you. Stay tuned as the panel makes regional predictions for cartels, leniency, and abuse of market dominance.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Corporate Counseling Tips

Host Natalie Hayes welcomes guests Saralisa Brau, Stacy Frazier, and Andrew King to discuss how antitrust lawyers can transition to in-house roles and the differences between working for a corporation and a law firm. They also talk about their individual paths to in-house as well as give key recommendations such as getting involved with investment bankers early, putting in auto controls, and learning about the different business units.

Natalie Hayes Stacy Frazier Saralisa Brau Andrew King
Natalie Hayes (left) Stacy Frazier, Saralisa Brau, and Andrew King (top-down)


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Antitrust Updates from Latin & South America

Hosted by Kail Jethmalani, Krisztian Katona, and Elizabeth Kraus this podcast features guests Oscar Cardoze, Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo, and Pablo Trevisan giving regional updates in competition law and consumer protection law as they pertain to Latin America. Together they discuss regulatory structures, public procurement, enforcement, mergers, leniency, and many more developments in Argentina, Brazil, and Panama.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Cartel Penalties

Host Adam Hemlock is joined by Emrys Davis, Barbara Rosenberg, Federico Rossi, Sally Southwell, and Toshiaki Tadai for a discussion about cartel penalties as well as related fines in different parts of the world. The panel highlights the differences in both how the penalties are calculated and enforced against those who would break the law in places like Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, and Japan.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Pro Bono Perspective

Tune in as Jesse Beringer and Anora Wang chat with Allan Van Fleet about the benefits of pro bono work. Allan recaps early experiences which led him to a career-long commitment to helping others. If Pro Bono is of interest to you this is a great way to learn more about the benefits of being involved.

Jesse Beringer Anora Wang Allan Van Fleet
Allan Van Fleet, Anora Wang, and Jesse Beringer (from left to right)


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Pro Bono Initiatives

In this AT/CP podcast, the Section teams up with ABA Pro Bono to discuss the legal profession’s increase in pro bono work and what drives the trend. Host Jana Seidl is joined by Marissa LaVette, Meredith Linsky, and Richard Parker who have recommendations for lawyers who want to get involved. Tune in to hear about Richard’s death penalty defense work and why he believes “talent develops best when given away”.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Developing Antitrust Agencies

Co-hosts Sarah Bartels, Russ Damtoft, and William Caldwell Harrop are joined by guests Marcos Palma, Chufya Sampa, and Han Li Toh for a conversation about competition law, its impact in their countries, and opposition to needed reforms. The panel delves into the motivational factors for updating the laws in Zambia, Singapore, and Guatemala as well as the importance of advocacy first and then picking the right case to enforce the law. Stay tuned for their success stories and hear what they would have done differently if they had to do it all again.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Big Data Task Force

This AT/CP podcast from the ABA Section of Antitrust Law features a discussion with Anna Aryankalayil, Deon Woods Bell, Aaron Burstein, Vandy Howell, and Sheng Li about the section’s Big Data Task Force and upcoming report. The group, which includes economists, discusses the pros and cons of utilizing big data and highlights some pragmatic limitations in their report. Although much work needs to be done, the group is excited about the Section’s leadership centralizing this much needed information and making it available to the legal profession.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Brexit and GDPR

In this AT/CP podcast, the Section’s Consumer Protection Officer Alysa Hutnik is joined by Matthew Hall from London to discuss impending issues related to Brexit and GDPR. They start with a historical context of the Brexit movement and then catch us up with current events including possible agreement paths forward and potential impact on businesses moving data in and out of the European Union. Stay tuned for key predictions. Will they get it right?

Alysa Hutnik Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall and Alysa Hutnik


The following is a list of participants in this series of podcasts created in conjunction with the ABA Section of Antitrust Law:

  1. Kala Anandarajah
  2. Anna Aryankalayil
  3. Sarah Bartels
  4. Deon Woods Bell
  5. Jesse Beringer
  6. Adam Biegel
  7. Saralisa Brau
  8. Aaron Burstein
  9. Oscar Cardoze
  10. Steven Cernak
  11. Mika Clark
  12. Emrys Davis
  13. Russ Damtoft
  14. Ninette Dodoo
  15. Alicia Downey
  16. Stacy Frazier
  17. Matthew Hall
  18. William Caldwell Harrop
  19. Danielle Haugland
  20. Adam Hemlock
  21. Renata Hesse
  22. August Horvath
  23. Vandy Howell
  24. Alysa Hutnik
  25. Kail Jethmalani
  26. Deona Kalala
  27. Krisztian Katona
  28. Andrew King
  29. Gabrielle Kohlmeier
  30. Tara Isa Koslov
  31. Elizabeth Kraus
  32. Marissa LaVette
  33. Sheng Li
  34. Meredith Linsky
  35. Alexandre Macedo
  36. Marcos Palma
  37. Richard Parker
  38. Barbara Rosenberg
  39. Federico Rossi
  40. Ken O’Rourke
  41. Chufya Sampa
  42. Jana Seidl
  43. Kalyani Singh
  44. Brent Snyder
  45. Sally Southwell
  46. Toshiaki Tada
  47. Han Li Toh
  48. Pablo Trevisan
  49. Allan Van Fleet
  50. Anora Wang
  51. Jodie Williams
Podcasting with the ABA Section of Antitrust Law
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