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Sheng Li

Sheng Li

Dr. Sheng Li is a Senior Consultant in NERA’s Antitrust and Intellectual Property practices. He conducts research and analysis in the economics of commercial damages, class certification, and intellectual property. He has expertise in applying economics theory, statistics, and complex econometrics tools to examine the economic issues at hand.

In the area of antitrust, he has evaluated damages theories in cases involving alleged monopolization, exclusive dealing, and price fixing. In the area of intellectual property, Dr. Li has assessed damages arising from patent infringement and issues relating to antitrust patent misuse. He has analyzed competitive issues in a variety of industries, including medical devices, auto insurance, transoceanic shipping, and prescription eyewear.

Dr. Li received his PhD in economics from University of California, Berkeley and his BSc in financial economics from University of Toronto. He taught microeconomics, behavioral economics, game theory, and international trade at University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Li has presented his work to a number of organizations, including the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Annual Chicago Forum on International Antitrust Issues at Northwestern University.

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Guest Appearances
April 26, 2019

ABA Section of Antitrust Law March 2019 – Big Data Task Force

Sheng Li, Deon Woods Bell, Aaron Burstein, and Vandy Howell talk about the section’s Big Data Task Force and their forthcoming special report.