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Legal Innovation Minus the Buzz Words

Picture from the 2018 Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption.They say that artificial intelligence is only artificial intelligence until you start using it; then it’s software. With that in mind, the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) which took place in New York on September 13, 2018, looked at the future of legal services from a practical perspective. At this conference, the vendors who are creating technology for legal service solutions talked to their clients face-to-face. And the in-house counsel and other lawyers using these solutions gave real answers on what they are looking for from their technology.

The conference had a fast pace and an intimate feel. One attendee said, “If most conferences are blog posts, SOLID is Twitter.” The presenters gave short, Ted Talk styled speeches, and spoke with interested parties afterwards. They discussed the philosophy of innovation, citing the value of “failing fast” and the importance of an organizational culture which permits experimentation to find better ways to work. From machine learning and artificial intelligence to solutions for in-house counsel looking for outsourcing networks, people ahead of the curve in new legal solutions were there. And so was Legal Talk Network!

Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption

We recorded 8 episodes with vendors, in-house counsel, and other big names from the conference. Below are the episodes:

SOLID East 2018: The Tech Showcase as a Herald of Change

SOLID East 2018: Tech Showcase Participants Part 1

SOLID East 2018: Tech Showcase Participants Part 2

SOLID East 2018: Session 1 Speakers on Innovative Market Drivers

SOLID East 2018: Advice from In-House Counsel

SOLID East 2018: Thoughts from the Sponsors

SOLID East 2018: Creating Innovative Roles in a Law Firm


And we extend a special thanks to the guests and hosts who joined our On The Road episodes recorded at the SOLID conference:

Chris Mammen

David Cowen

Alia Luria

Jim Delkousis

Basha Rubin

Michael Faraci

George Tziahanas

Jay Leib

Abby Rosenbloom

Trent Carlyle

Alma Asay

Michael Dalewitz

Rob Feigenbaum

Stephen Poor

Mark Smolik

Bobbi Basile

Bob Taylor

Jeff Marple

Daniel Pelc

Bryant Isbell

Adam Rubinger

Julia Hasenzahl

Peter Geovanes

Dera Nevin

Andy Sprogis

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