Dera Nevin

Dera Nevin

Dera J. Nevin is an accomplished e-Discovery lawyer and consultant with a focus on strategic process and technology initiatives, and matter and program cost containment. She has significant experience recommending and implementing technology, building and evaluating e-Discovery operations and spearheading strategic initiatives directed at increasing e-Discovery program effectiveness. Dera possesses the unique ability to facilitate communication between business, legal and technology teams. Flexible and versatile, Dera is able to move easily from strategic planning to rolling up her sleeves and executing. She is able to assess situations effectively, think strategically and implement tactically. Dera is also a practicing e-Discovery lawyer. Her significant experience includes advising on all aspects of e-Discovery in civil, criminal, regulatory and M&A transactions and in internal investigations, and she has a career managed review and production total of over 500 million records. She has pioneered the use of e-Discovery applications, including technology-assisted review and multi-lingual search. She has advised numerous corporations on the development and implementation of e-Discovery programs and strategies, including litigation hold management and audit.

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Guest Appearances
February 7, 2019

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Dan Linna and Dera Nevin talk about the role of lawyers (if any) in evaluating legal technology.

September 20, 2018

SOLID East 2018: Creating Innovative Roles in a Law Firm

Peter Geovanes, Dera Nevin, and Andrew Sprogis talk about their innovative roles and how to set a precedent when you’re the first one in their position.

April 24, 2018

Global Legal Hackathon: Making Connections Worldwide

David Fisher and Dera Nevin talk about how they used the #ToTheMars Tour to build community and connect groups working on similar products.