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Alia Luria

Alia Luria

Alia Luria is the co-founder and COO of InFront Compliance as well as a privacy, technology, and corporate attorney. Prior to entering the legal field, Alia had a career working for multiple startup companies as a web developer and software engineer. She has software experience in web-based application development spanning a range of industries, including the telecommunications, entertainment, and business-to-business services industries. Among her many projects, Alia coded interfaces for provisioning of cell phone services in Latin America, managed the shopping cart experience for an internet-based nutrition supplement company, and created customized user experiences for online photofinishing print stores for clients such as Yahoo!, Lucasfilm, Sears Portrait Studio, Delta, NASCAR and others. Alia’s practice focuses on transactions involving technology-specific matters, data privacy and security compliance matters, and information governance. In additional to law practice, Alia has applied her prior software engineering knowledge to the creation of legal expert systems solutions that employ artificial intelligence to allow clients to obtain on-demand answers to data privacy compliance questions.

Now she is merging her development experience, her legal acumen, and her network of connections to simplify compliance with a flexible, module-based software platform that helps companies connect to vendors, verify their compliance with company requirements, and automates the recertification of vendors for companies. As the COO and Head of Product, Alia is responsible for architecting the software features and functionality as well as lending regulatory expertise to the substantive modules and a host of other operations matters.

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