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The Chicago Bar Association Partners with Legal Talk Network to Boldly Create “@theBar”

Chicago, IL – On March 7, The Chicago Bar Association launched their new show called @theBar. This fresh new approach to the interview format features scriptless conversations with some of the law’s most influential minds in a raw and refreshingly honest manner.

Primarily hosted by Jonathan Amarilio, this monthly production features a rotating assortment of co-hosts to keep the viewpoints constantly changing with often unexpected responses to guest interjections. The rhetoric is straightforward and often times very blunt, but the natural back and forth from host to guest really keeps the conversation moving in exciting and surprising ways. Every episode ends with Stranger Than Legal Fiction, a segment about strange laws in the United States; each person on the podcast has to guess which of two strange laws actually exists.

“Tune in and join the conversation. This is going to be fun”, says host and Chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Section Jonathan Amarilio. “The CBA— in partnership with LTN— continues to show why it’s a thought leader in the legal community and why the CBA brand remains so strong during a time of turbulent change in the legal profession.”

The inaugural three episodes feature an esteemed lineup of guests. Episode 1 has retired Judge Richard Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in a candid conversation about his ideas for helping helping pro se clients, what role he thinks judges should play in reviewing evidence, and why he dreams about donkeys. In episode 2, Jonathan Amarilio and co-host Nykoel Kahnare are joined by Illinois State Representative Greg Harris for a spirited exchange about the state’s budget crisis and how Representative Harris thinks they got there. And in episode 3, Brian Cuban shares his gritty hard knocks true life story of beating addiction and body dysmorphic disorder to come through on the other side with his wife and a new career.

“The new ‘@theBar’ podcast series, sponsored by the CBA’s award winning Young Lawyers Section, features thought provoking, insightful, and penetrating discussions with notable professionals, authors and legal experts on a wide range of timely topics and issues of interest to America’s legal profession,” said The Chicago Bar Association’s Executive Director Terrence M. Murphy about the show.

@theBar will continue as a monthly podcast covering legal news, topics, and stories as well as anything else of interest to The Chicago Bar Association members and lawyers as a whole. For more information about this podcast, visit the @theBar show page. You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, other podcast apps, or download the Legal Talk Network app.


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About The Chicago Bar Association

Founded in 1874, The Chicago Bar Association is one of the oldest and most active metropolitan bar associations in the United States. The CBA’s voluntary membership of more than 20,000 consists largely of lawyers and judges from Cook County and Illinois. The Association seeks to increase the usefulness of the legal profession in promoting the due administration of justice.

About Legal Talk Network

Legal Talk Network is a podcast network for legal professionals with hosts from well-known organizations and brands in legal, including the American Bar Association, Thomson Reuters, The Florida Bar, Robert Half Legal, Above the Law, and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. The network averages over 250,000 monthly downloads and has more than 20 active podcasts that cover industry trends and events, important legal news and developments, including access to justice, law school, legal technology, and the future of law.

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