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Jonathan Amarilio

Jon Amarilio is a partner at Taft Stettinius & Hollister in Chicago. He represents individuals, small businesses, state and...

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Welcome to The Chicago Bar Association’s @theBar, a podcast where young and young-ish lawyers have interesting and unscripted conversations with their guests about legal news, events, topics, stories and whatever else strikes our fancy. The guests are prominent figures from the legal community, and legally related communities, and the discussions are informal, like you would have at a bar. Tune in to hear more about this brand new show.



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Jon Amarilio: Hey everyone. My name is Jon Amarilio and I have the pleasure and privilege of being the host of the Chicago Bar Association’s new podcast @theBar. Before we launch, we, that is, everyone here at the CBA contributing to this podcast thought it would be a good idea to take a moment and explain who we are and what this podcast is all about. And it’s pretty simple really, but in a world awash with podcasts, it’s also pretty unique.

@theBar is brought to you by young and young-ish CBA members. I am including myself in that latter group since I found my first silver hair the other day.

Anyway, unlike some other podcasts, we are not legal reporters; we are all practicing or recovering lawyers, litigators, corporate lawyers, judicial clerks, you name it, volunteers, each and every one of us. We all have day jobs that keep us at work most days, a lot of weekends and a lot of long nights too.

But even with the hustle and bustle of practicing law, we thought it would be fun and informative to carve out some time to build a podcast where we could come together with prominent figures from the legal community and legally related communities to discuss topics of interest to each other. Young lawyers, yes, but also anyone who is interested in the law and topics touching the law in some way. And most importantly, from our perspective we wanted to do that in a relaxed, unguarded way, the way you talk to a friend at a bar.

So this podcast isn’t scripted. We make plenty of mistakes, probably me most of all, and I think you will find that we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. But for each episode we just have a few talking points and we tell our guests we would like to discuss them and then we have a conversation and see where it goes, hopefully one that you like listening to.

So thank you for subscribing to @theBar in iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, the Legal Talk Network or wherever you found us and for taking part of your day to give this podcast a chance. We hope you enjoy listening.

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Published: March 7, 2018
Podcast: @theBar

Young and young-ish lawyers have interesting and unscripted conversations with their guests about legal news, events, topics, stories and whatever else strikes our fancy.

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