2017 ABA Annual Meeting NYC

This year’s ABA Annual Meeting was held in the “Big Apple,” New York City. With approximately 5,000 registrants, 1,000 educational sessions, and 28 bar associations involved, there was certainly a lot to see and experience. We did our best to cover this year’s annual meeting with our 22 episodes and barrage of social media, but in the end the sheer mass of sessions, meetings, and events eclipsed our efforts.

Among the many topics covered were the ABA Center for Innovation, developments in immigration law, the House of Delegates meeting, the First Amendment, student loans, the National Association of Bar Executives, artificial intelligence, the United Nations and sustainable development, and key business drivers. Of particular note was this year’s CLE in the City series which offered a wide variety of continuing legal education credits hosted at venues like the United Nations, the New York City Bar Association, and top U.S. law firms. Attendees not only got a reasonable rate for CLE credit but they were treated to a catered affair at the numerous locations around the city. By all accounts heard, the sessions were packed to the brim.

It was once again our privilege to interview both the immediate past and current presidents of the American Bar Association. Immediate Past President Linda Klein discussed her year at the helm, programs she championed, and the current status of the ABA’s lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Current President Hilarie Bass, who just took the reigns, talked with us about her upcoming projects, managing stress, and the required support from her firm and clients which allow her to perform her duties as the new ABA president.

We also talked with South Carolina Senator Gerald Malloy and ABA Past-President William Hubbard about the Omnibus Crime Reduction and Sentencing Reform Act of 2010 and how that bipartisan effort is reducing both incarceration and crime while keeping violent offenders off the streets. We learned about the inspirational career of ABA Medal recipient John Feerick who is the former dean of Fordham University School of Law and the drafter of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

To hear about these topics and more, please tune into our audio coverage below:


ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Welcoming ABA President Hilarie Bass

ABA President Hilarie Bass joins host Laurence Colletti to discuss her upcoming year in leadership, managing stress, dealing with criticism, and her future initiatives for women, diversity, homeless youth, and ABA Legal Fact Check.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Linda Klein on Her Tenure as ABA President

Just before the end of her tenure as ABA president, Linda Klein stops by to talk about her year in leadership and give updates on the ABA’s work with veterans, funding the Legal Services Corporation, ABA Blueprint, and the ongoing lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Omnibus Crime Reduction and Sentencing Reform Act of 2010

South Carolina Senator Gerald Malloy and former president of the American Bar Association William Hubbard join host Laurence Colletti to talk about the Omnibus Crime Reduction Sentencing Reform Act of 2010 and how this bipartisan effort has decreased incarceration and crime.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Winning Litigation Cases at Trial

Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn, Brad Brian, Ted Wells, and Jim Quinn join host Laurence Colletti to discuss winning commercial cases through jury selection, opening statements, witness examinations, and closing summations. Tune in to get instant take away tips for trial work as well as hear opinions on how often juries get it right.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Legal and Policy Issues for Startups and Investors in Financial Technology (FinTech)

Kevin Petrasic of White & Case stops by to talk about regulatory challenges for FinTech companies getting involved in financial services as well as cryptocurrencies, rapid innovations versus slow moving regulatory bodies, and state versus federal regulations.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Key Business Drivers Affecting Real Estate

Sherry Cushman of Cushman & Wakefield joins host Laurence Colletti to discuss her company’s 4 year survey to collect applicable business metrics for law firms. Together they talk about the impact of millennials, obstacles to succession planning, and the top three issues relating to law firm competition: fee structures, recruiting/retention, and IT security.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: National Association of Bar Executives (NABE)

Robert Craghead, president of the National Association of Bar Executives, joins host Liz McCausland, president of the Orange County Bar Association to talk about NABE preparing bar professionals, the plight of new members to the profession, and the evolution of CLE programs around the country.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Top Ten Tax Tips for Making Divorce Less Taxing

Justin Miller of BNY Mellon Wealth Management stops by to discuss the impact of taxes on divorce as well as the types of professionals that can help protect wealth during the dissolution of marriage under the law.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Artificial Intelligence and the Law

James Sherer, Shan Thever, Andrew Arruda, Kerri-Ann Bent, Emily Fedeles, Kyla Maloney, and Amie Taal join us to talk about artificial intelligence and its implications for augmented learning, ethical duties of attorneys, and the likelihood of your toaster going on strike.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Team Industry v. Team Start-up

Patrick Murck, special counsel at Cooley LLP stops by to discuss RegTech and blockchain and their collective impact on financial regulation and innovations therein.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Sustainable Development Goals

Richard Field, Lee A. DeHihns III, Renee Dopplick, and Elizabeth Andersen stop by to talk about the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations and how those goals are intended to impact the rule of law, extreme poverty, climate change, and gender inequality worldwide.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Mark Alcott on the ABA’s Relationship with the UN

Mark Alcott of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP joins host Laurence Colletti to discuss the ABA’s relationship with the United Nations and the sustainable development goals of the latter.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: How Cybersecurity and Cyber Intelligence are Changing the Legal Profession

Roy Zur, CEO of Cybint, joins us to talk about cyber security, cyber intelligence, and scams that attorneys need to keep a look out for. Tune in to find out why it’s crucial to bring your own hotspot when traveling and working with client information.  

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: NYBA’s involvement with NABE

Elizabeth Derrico, executive director of the New York State Bar Association stops by to discuss the job of reps at the National Association of Bar Executives and the reasons bar associations around the country (including city and local ones) should get involved at NABE.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: So You Have Student Loans and You Want to Buy A Home?

David Axelrod, retail sales manager and vice president of Bank of America, joins host Laurence Colletti to talk about financial well being, home loans, student loans, and instant take aways for people looking to buy their first home.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: An Interview with the ABA Medal Recipient

Matthew Diller, dean of Fordham University School of Law joins us to talk with ABA Medal recipient and author of the 25th Amendment John Feerick about his career, amending the U.S. Constitution, and what it was like to be a young lawyer working with the likes of Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr.  

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Trump v. the Press and the First Amendment

First Amendment author and attorney Floyd Abrams, First Amendment attorney Tom Clare, and former New York Times General Counsel and current executive director of the Media Law Resource Center George Freeman join host Lee Rawles to discuss President Trump’s relationship with the press, SLAPP lawsuits, and the consequences of defamation.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: The Current State of Immigration

Director of Practice & Professionalism Center of the American Association of Immigration Lawyers Reid Trautz interviews director of Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center Mary Meg McCarthy and immigration attorney Greg Siskind. Together they talk about updates in immigration law and ways for lawyers to get involved.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: ABA Center for Innovation Update

Curo Legal CEO Chad Burton interviews Suffolk University Law School dean and professor Andrew Perlman about the latest with the ABA Center for Innovation and its upcoming programs, initiatives, and events.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Author’s Panel Part 1

Legal authors Talmage Boston, Jim Conroy, and Evan Thomas join Legal Talk Network for a discussion about making the transition to writing from law and the inherent storytelling qualities of the legal profession. If you’re a lawyer and an aspiring author, you should definitely tune in to this part one of two series.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Author’s Panel Part 2

Legal author Steph Cha sits down for a conversation about becoming an author during her time at law school, the critical critical steps from draft to publish, and the importance of not getting discouraged. If you’re a lawyer and an aspiring author, you should definitely tune in to this part two of two series.

ABA Annual Meeting 2017: Trial of Two Pizzas:

Who makes better pizza, Chicago or New York? Find out during this trial of two pizzas with judges, bailiffs, counselors, and all. Tune in to hear Jerry Cito as bailiff, Deborah Enix Ross as counselor for Fred Dixon representing New York’s thin slice, and Michael Bergman as counselor for David Whitaker representing Chicago’s deep dish.

List of Participants (in alphabetical order):

  1. Floyd Abrams
  2. Mark Alcott
  3. Elizabeth Andersen
  4. Andrew Arruda
  5. David Axelrod
  6. Hilarie Bass
  7. Kerri-Ann Bent
  8. Michael Bergman
  9. Talmage Boston
  10. Brad D. Brian
  11. Chad Burton
  12. Steph Cha
  13. Jerry Cito
  14. Tom Clare
  15. James Conroy
  16. Robert Craghead
  17. Sherry Cushman
  18. Lee A. DeHihns III
  19. Elizabeth Derrico
  20. Matthew Diller
  21. Fred Dixon
  22. Renee Dopplick
  23. Deborah Enix-Ross
  24. Emily Fedeles
  25. John Feerick
  26. Richard Field
  27. George Freeman
  28. William Hubbard
  29. Linda Klein
  30. Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn
  31. Senator Gerald Malloy
  32. Kyla Maloney
  33. Mary Meg McCarthy
  34. Justin Miller
  35. Patrick Murck
  36. Andrew Perlman
  37. Kevin Petrasic
  38. James W. Quinn
  39. James Sherer
  40. Greg Siskind
  41. Amie Taal
  42. Shan Thever
  43. Evan Thomas
  44. Reid Trautz
  45. Ted Wells, Jr.
  46. David Whitaker
  47. Roy Zur
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