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2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention

The Florida Bar PodcastThe 67th Annual Florida Bar Convention returned to Boca Raton, Florida. Like previous years, the beautiful Boca Raton Resort & Club was paired with The Florida Bar’s accoutrements de jure which include informative sessions, numerous networking opportunities, social media sharing, and plenty to talk about. Of particular mention, were the CLEs directly aimed at Florida’s new technology requirement which went into effect January 1st by amendment to Rule 6-10.3(b). This amendment requires licensed Florida attorneys to take 3 of their required 33 hours of CLE credit in approved technology programs. In addition, this year marks an anniversary unique to the State of Florida.


Every twenty years, Florida’s Constitution provides for the creation of a thirty-seven member revision commission with the purpose of reviewing Florida’s Constitution for possible changes. This commission (called the Constitution Revision Commission or CRC) is composed of Florida’s attorney general and appointees from the governor, Florida Senate president, speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and the chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court. The CRC meets for about a year and holds public hearings, examines the Florida Constitution, spots issues, performs research, and potentially recommends changes to the Florida Constitution. Any proposed amendments from the CRC are placed on the General Election ballot and require 60 percent approval by the voters in order to take effect.



Legal Talk Network’s coverage of this year’s Annual Florida Bar Convention was primarily done by the hosts of The Florida Bar Podcast, Jonathon Israel and Christine Bilbrey. Occasionally, their duties to The Florida Bar took them elsewhere and they invited guest-hosts to the microphone. The list of guest hosts include:


To hear what happened at this year’s Annual Florida Bar Convention, please tune into our audio coverage below:


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention

If you didn’t have an opportunity to attend the 2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention, this episode with guest Melanie S. Griffin and hosts Jonathon Israel and Christine Bilbrey will give you a nice idea of what that event had to offer including technology CLEs, president showcase seminars, networking opportunities, and kid-friendly events so families could attend together.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Being The Florida Bar President

Hosted by now Florida Bar President-Elect Michelle Suskauer, this episode features both the outgoing and now current presidents of the Florida Bar, William Schifino and Michael Higer respectively, talking about their experiences and priorities in the leadership role as well as the importance of emphasizing health and wellness during busy times.



2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: The Constitution Revision Showcase

Every twenty years, the Florida Constitution opens itself up for possible amendments. In this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, hosts Michael Higer and William Schifino interview Judge Michelle Sisco of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Tampa, Richard Levenstein (past vice chair of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee), Professor Stephen Ware of the University of Kansas School of Law, Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Dean Cannon, and Professor Brian Fitzpatrick of Vanderbilt Law School. Together they discuss the Constitution Revision Commission and the proposed methods for selecting justices for the Florida Supreme Court.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Internal Government Communication with KeyNote Speaker Justice Labarga

Chief Justice Jorge Labarga of the Florida Supreme Court discusses his keynote at this year’s Annual Florida Bar Convention where he discusses maintaining open communications between branches of government, extending term limits for judges and justices, and the role of the Constitution Revision Commission.



2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Social Media Ethics

Joseph Corsmeier joins host Jonathon Israel to discuss social media and how attorneys can effectively and ethically use it to market their practices.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: The First Amendment and the US Supreme Court

Host Barbara Leach is joined by guests Tom Julin, Dana McElroy, Richard Ovelmen, and Professor Howard Wasserman to talk about the 1st Amendment, relevant cases, and the potential impact from President Trump’s administration.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Bankruptcy Law Updates

Host Liz McCausland interviews Barbara Leach about updates in bankruptcy law. Together they discuss relevant cases, exemptions, credit cards, and the possibility for greater bankruptcy relief for student loan debt.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Employment Law Updates

Legal Talk Network Executive Producer Laurence Colletti discusses this year’s updates in employment law with returning guest Kevin Johnson including pertinent cases, legalities of telecommuting, arbitration agreements, and the potential impact of rules affecting salaried employees. Tune in to hear about the fate of cheeseburger 🍔 prices.



2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Criminal Law Update

This last year saw a lot of changes in criminal law through court cases. Returning guest Denis deVlaming joins Laurence Colletti to help map out what decisions at the United States Supreme Court as well as the Florida courts mean to the practice of criminal law.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: E-Discovery Resources and Digital Evidence

In this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel are joined by guests Suzanne Clark and Parke McManis to talk about e-discovery, digital evidence, and why it’s important for lawyers to understand these concepts.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Leveraging Your Homepage

Wayne Bell, Jonathon Israel, and Christine Bilbrey discuss how to make websites more appealing to potential clients by sharing personality to make a personal connection.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Apps for Practicing Law in the 21st Century

Lit Software’s Ian O’Flaherty and Tara Cheever along with Strut Legal’s Christine Falcicchio join hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel to talk about utilizing apps for court on tasks like evidence presentation and document review.



2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Technology for Today’s Lawyers

DirectLaw founder Richard Granat sits down with Jonathon Israel to discuss secure client portals on law firm websites and the need for law firms to utilize technology to reach market segments previously unserved.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Every Firm is a Target for Cyber Security Breaches

Hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel talk about data security breaches, ethical duties of attorneys when it comes to data, and the signs to look for when a firm has been breached with Larry Kunin and Serge Jorgensen.


2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Insuring Against Cybersecurity Risks and Privacy Perils

Jacey Kaps, Chip Trefry, and Scott Reid sit down with The Florida Bar Podcast hosts Jonathon Israel and Christine Bilbrey for a conversation about cyber and data security as well as ways to help prevent breaches.



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