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Scott Reid

Scott Reid is currently the national director of cyber insurance for Gallagher Affinity Insurance Services and the executive director for the American Cyber and Data Security Alliance. After graduating from Indiana University in 1986, Scott immediately joined the insurance and professional liability industry and continues to be a leading advocate for associations, trade groups, insurance companies, and independent businesses. Recognized for his ability to translate the technical landscape and complex jargon of cyber and data breach into a context that can be easily understood, he delivers fast-paced, visual and action-oriented presentation that is designed to help increase the cyber risk awareness of any audience. A frequent speaker at industry events and national conferences, Reid reveals the growing threats to privacy and security preparedness, breach response, and how the importance of utilizing cyber insurance products as products as part of an overall risk management strategy in today’s climate, should be an integral part of any business plan, no matter the size.

Guest Appearances
June 22, 2017

2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Insuring Against Cybersecurity Risks and Privacy Perils

This podcast from the 2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention discusses the importance of cyber and data protection.