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Jacey Kaps

Jacey Kaps

Jacey Kaps is a partner and executive committee member at Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell. An experienced civil litigator and legal advisor for the retail and hospitality sector, Jacey is CIPP/US certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and conversant in issues arising from data security breaches, the ensuing claims, and regulatory investigations. He is able to provide guidance on cybersecurity risks and cyber incident readiness. When online and offline privacy assessments and information security audits are needed, Jacey is able to assist his clients with identifying the relevant legal considerations and retaining the appropriate consultants to accomplish the task. Jacey’s litigation experience and lengthy tenure on his law firm’s Executive Committee also equip him to address cybersecurity issues unique to law firms. He also consults with retail, restaurant and lodging businesses in overall litigation management and alternative dispute resolution programs.

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June 22, 2017

2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Insuring Against Cybersecurity Risks and Privacy Perils

This podcast from the 2017 Annual Florida Bar Convention discusses the importance of cyber and data protection.