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The Most Listened-To Legal Talk Network Podcasts of 2016


Wow, has 2016 been a big year for Legal Talk Network. We launched four new shows, recorded interviews at eight legal conferences, took one trip with our entire staff (to ABA TECHSHOW), and consumed 1,846 cups of coffee (a rough estimate). Through all this excitement, we’ve continued to publish our monthly and bi-weekly podcasts and more legal professionals than ever are listening!

If you’re a new listener or an long-time fan who is looking for new podcasts, take a look at what others favored over the past year. You might just find an entirely new show that teaches you about legal news, offers tips on improving your practice, or just makes you laugh. These aren’t our favorite podcasts, they’re YOUR favorite podcasts! Check out each of our shows’ most popular podcast of 2016.

ABA Journal: Asked & Answered

How can you attract positive media attention for yourself or your clients?

What are the best ways to approach reporters when you’re looking for a media spotlight?

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Tech fails too, says Sensei’s Sharon Nelson

Sharon Nelson explains how to stay patient and avoid getting angry when (not if) your technology fails.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Prosecutor’s book offers first-hand look at ‘Making a Murderer’ subject Steven Avery

Steven Avery’s lawyer, Michael Griesbach talks about how he used DNA evidence to achieve Avery’s exoneration.

ABA Law Student Podcast

How to Land the Right Summer Associates Program

What should a recent graduate do to help increase their chances of finding a firm that is the right fit for them while providing the work experience necessary to land a first job?

Digital Detectives

Cyber Security Audits and Options for Your Law Firm

Learn why tech savvy clients are now concerned with their lawyer’s ability to protect their files and privileged communications (and what to do about it).

The Digital Edge

The Law is Not Copyrightable: Fastcase Sues Casemaker

Why Ed Walters thinks keeping public law in the public domain is so important. This was one of my favorite podcasts of the year.

Down the Hall with Practical Law

Top Legal Mistakes a Startup Can’t Afford to Make

The common mistakes made by startup companies and how a lawyer can properly represent them.

The Florida Bar Podcast

No Law Firm is Too Small for Cyber Security

Cybersecurity isn’t just for Biglaw firms anymore (was it ever?). This podcast helps lawyers assess their security risk and explains why cybersecurity is important.

In-House Legal

Cisco GC Mark Chandler on Automation and International Surveillance

“I don’t measure my relevance or success by the number of people who report to me.” -Mark Chandler. How do you not want to listen to an interview with this GC?

The Insurance Law Podcast

Rescinding an Automobile Policy of Insurance in New Jersey

A discussion on the circumstances in which an insurance carrier can void or rescind a policy in the state of New Jersey.

The Kennedy-Mighell Report

Home Tech vs Work Tech: Managing the Intersection

For lawyers that are required to use different technology platforms at work than they prefer at home (think Apple vs. PCs), Dennis and Tom discuss how to bridge the gap.

Law Technology Now

How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence the Future of Legal Practice

How AI will revolutionize the practice of law and provide greater access to it for the masses.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The Panama Papers

An inside look at the Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca’s role, shell companies and offshore bank accounts, and the issues of data security and tax evasion.

Lawyerist Podcast

#89 Starting a Solo Practice, with Mac Power Users Podcaster Katie Floyd

Katie believes that technology is the great equalizer for the small firm and solo practitioner.

The Legal Toolkit

The Art of the Entertainment Deal

Jeff B. Cohen, aka Chunk from The Goonies, to talks about why he decided to become a lawyer and discusses dealmaking in the context of the law.

New Solo

Top Tips for Attorneys from the 2017 ABA TECHSHOW Board

Different experts’ need to know advice for newly solo attorneys.

On the Road

ABA TECHSHOW 2016: Collaboration Tools That Save You Time

Lawyers who work together in systems like Google Docs rather than sending emails back and forth can really save time.

The Paralegal Voice

What Paralegals Need to Know About Going Paperless

Paralegals often play an important role in the process of moving a business to a paperless model. Learn why you should encourage your firm to go paperless and the risks and perils of improper execution.

Planet Lex

Defending Brendan Dassey of “Making a Murderer”

It turns out “Making a Murderer” was so popular, people want more information. This time it’s an interview with the lawyers of Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery’s nephew.

Robert Half Legal Report

Changing Roles and Staffing Models for Paralegals and Other Legal Support Professionals

An examination of the changing roles of paralegals and other support professionals in today’s legal workplace.

Thinking Like A Lawyer

Freedom Of The Press In Trump’s America

Charles Glasser explains why he’s actually optimistic about freedom of the press, despite Trump’s campaign rhetoric about “opening up” libel law.

Un-Billable Hour

The Seven Parts of Your Law Firm Business

How law firm owners can balance marketing, sales, production, people, the physical plant, financial controls, and themselves.

Find these and all of our other podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast app of choice. If you’re not sure, learn how to listen to a podcast.

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