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This episode of Thomson Reuters Down the Hall with Practical Law features Practical Law Startup & Venture Capital Senior Legal Editor Joe Green discussing common legal mistakes made by startup companies. Joe talks about his background working with tech startups and his current role creating legal know-how for practitioners advising startup companies. After setting the stage by defining what he considers a “startup,” he provides insights into why many startup companies fail. Joe covers what startups can do if a co-founder decides to leave early on and the benefits and potential pitfalls of providing equity compensation to employees. He closes the interview with his list of the three things that anyone representing startups should know and the best piece of advice that he’s ever been given.

Mentioned in This Episode

Joe mentioned several potential legal pitfalls startups can avoid with the proper planning. For a more robust discussion of those issues, view the Practical Law Startup Company Toolkit.

This Toolkit includes resources to assist startup companies and the attorneys representing them with the array of legal issues facing new business ventures, including entity formation, capital raising, corporate governance and housekeeping, shareholder relations, real estate and insurance issues, acquiring and protecting intellectual property, data privacy, software and information technology issues, commercial transactions, liquidity events, workplace and labor issues with employees, contractors, and service providers, and employee compensation and benefits.

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Published: October 6, 2016
Podcast: Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law
Category: Best Legal Practices , Legal Technology , Startup Law
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