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Trade associations, competitive research, HR activities . . . outside of the expected dangers in the merger and joint venture context, regular business dealings involving information about competitor activities are rife with potential for antitrust violations.  And the “rule of reason” approach taken by the FTC and DOJ can sometimes complicate, rather than clarify, appropriate conduct.  In this episode of Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law, Antitrust Service Head Janelle Wrigley discusses how to safely navigate the gray areas relating to interacting with competitors and gathering competitive information.

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In this episode, Janelle references three related antitrust resources for competitor activities:

Related Practical Law Resources:

  • Antitrust Guidelines: DOs and DON’Ts: This Standard Document may be used by counsel advising a company on permissible and impermissible conduct under the antitrust laws. This document is intended to inform a client about situations that raise antitrust concerns, while pointing out conduct that likely does not raise antitrust issues.
  • Antitrust Warnings for Trade Association Meetings: This Standard Document provides antitrust warnings for counsel to provide to trade association participants to prevent antitrust violations. This includes warnings related to sharing competitively sensitive information such as strategic plans, pricing plans, and contract terms, and guidelines for sharing permissible information such as historical, aggregated data.
  • Information Exchanges Among Competitors (Non-Merger): This Practice Note explains the antitrust risks of information exchanges with competitors under the federal antitrust laws. It explores the way the antitrust agencies (the FTC and the DOJ) and courts enforce and interpret those laws and provides practical tips for companies considering or engaging in information exchanges with competitors outside of the merger context.

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Published: November 16, 2016
Podcast: Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law
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