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Four Special Reports from ABA TECHSHOW Not to Miss

Jason Marsh and Laurence Colletti during Beer for Bloggers

In this fast moving world of legal technology, you may think that four month old podcasts are already passé, but technology doesn’t move THAT fast. And if you were thinking of trying out one of our podcast interviews from TECHSHOW 2016, why don’t you start with the ones favored by other listeners? These four podcasts were the most downloaded and they continue to be popular, even months after the event. Definitely worth a try if you are thinking about attending the conference next year.


Beers, Bloggers, and Buzzers: Three Questions in 60 Seconds

During an innocent event involving legal bloggers and beer, we set up camp and dragged over these writers for a couple of on-the-spot questions. Whether you know someone we interviewed or just want to hear some fun banter, check out this super amusing and fast-paced round robin podcast. As a bonus, we’ve included blogs and twitter handles of people you might like to connect with.


Collaboration Tools That Save You Time: Part 1

Have you ever sent group emails back and forth exchanging various ideas and pleasantries, only to throw your hands up in exacerbated fury when trying to identify what you decided on weeks later? I have literally already done that once today. But Jonathan Tobin knows better, and he explains why collaboration tools can make all the difference in this podcast based on his ABA TECHSHOW presentation.


Collaboration Tools That Save You Time: Part 2

This is kind of a gimme, but obviously the first interview on collaboration tools was so compelling, our listeners came back for more. Adam Nguyen talks about how lawyers who work together in systems like Google Docs (a free resource) can really save time.


Cloudy with a Chance of Automation

In my personal favorite episode from the conference, Jared Correia asks technology experts Heidi Alexander, Joseph Bahgat, John Mayer, Larry Port, Jack Newton, and Andrew LeGrand for advice on how to get started with automation. Many lawyers know that automating part of their practices can save tons of time, but don’t know where to start. Listen in for a few laughs and a few tips.


If you liked these, take a look at the rest of these great interviews from the conference. Most of them are very short (you can listen to one while finding parking) and cater to your personal legal tech needs. Who knows, you might also find a Legal Talk Network host you really like!

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