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Judge Mark A. Juhas

Judge Mark A. Juhas sits in a general family law assignment on the Los Angeles Superior Court and has...

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Stephen Montagna

Stephen Montagna is a certified family law specialist at Hodson & Mullin, Attorneys at Law.

Episode Notes

At the 2019 California Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, host Stephen Montagna sits down with Judge Mark Juhas to discuss developments in family law over the past year. As family law is constantly evolving, Judge Juhas shares outcomes from recent cases to help lawyers be aware of notable changes and trends. They also discuss Judge Juhas’ involvement in the upcoming family lawyer CLE program One Fell Swoop and his role as chair of the California Commission on Access to Justice.

Judge Mark A. Juhas sits in a general family law assignment on the Los Angeles Superior Court and has done so since November 2002.


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Published: October 14, 2019
Podcast: On the Road
Category: Legal Support
On the Road
On the Road

Recorded on the conference floor, "On the Road" includes highlights and interviews from popular legal events.

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