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Judge Mark A. Juhas

Judge Mark A. Juhas

Judge Mark A. Juhas sits in a general family law assignment on the Los Angeles Superior Court and has done so since November 2002. He is a member of several committees for the Los Angeles Superior Court including chair of the Access and Fairness committee. For the Administrative Office of the Courts he is currently on the CJER Governing Committee, Elkins Family Law Implementation Task Force, Self Represented Litigant Task Force and the Family and Juvenile Advisory Committee, among others. He currently chairs the Family Law Curriculum Design committee for CJER. Judge Juhas is an adjunct professor of law at Southwestern Law School and also regularly teaches for the Los Angeles Superior Court’s education program, CJER, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

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Guest Appearances
October 14, 2019

CLA 2019 Annual Meeting: Recent Developments in Family Law

Judge Mark Juhas discusses developments in California’s family law in the past year.