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Myra Pasek

Myra Pasek is an attorney and communications professional with a deep background in rapidly growing, high profile startups. Currently,...

Pete Cline

Pete Cline is a commercial attorney at Twitter. Previously, he worked in-house at a mobile analytics and ad tech...

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Jim Speta

Jim Speta has been a member of the faculty at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law since 1999. He is...

Episode Notes

In this special live recording of Planet Lex at Northwestern’s San Francisco campus, host Jim Speta talks with Myra Pasek, general counsel at Ouster, and Pete Cline, associate director of legal at Twitter, about their experiences working in-house at start-ups and high-profile tech companies, including Tesla, Impossible Foods, Ouster, and Twitter. The guests share their unique paths from big law to Silicon Valley and offer insights on the cutting-edge legal issues and challenges that arise in tech and entrepreneurial ventures


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Episode Details
Published: March 17, 2020
Podcast: Planet Lex: The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Podcast
Category: Startup Law
Planet Lex: The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Podcast
Planet Lex: The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Podcast

Planet Lex is a series of conversations about the law, law and society, law and technology, and the future of legal education and practice. In other words, a bunch of interesting stuff about the law.

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