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Most paralegals have an annual review with their employer, and many dread the day it arrives. But this meeting can be useful and informative. During your annual review, you can receive praise for hard work, learn about expectations, reevaluate your goals, and determine what about your workflow needs improvement. Furthermore, this is the time to ask your employer to sponsor education, additional training, and a conference, or even to negotiate salary adjustments. In order to have a successful review, you must come prepared. What should we as paralegals do to prepare ourselves for this usually dreaded event?

In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, Vicki Voisin interviews Ruth Conley and Linda Carrette, presenters at the National Association of Legal Assistants’ 40th Annual Convention, about why an annual review is important for paralegals, how we can prepare for the meeting, and mistakes to avoid.

Topics include:

  • Employer reaffirmation about work quality
  • Asking for evaluations when they are not offered
  • Effective communication with your employer
  • The history of performance reviews
  • Tracking your accomplishments and billing statistics
  • How to act when confronted with constructive criticism
  • Setting personal performance goals
  • Acting in a professional manner

Ruth Conley has been a paralegal for over 25 years, primarily working for defense law firms. She has been regional director for District 1, was a founder of the Houston Paralegal Association (HPA), and served as the first president of HPA. She works at Andrews Kurth, a law firm based in Houston, Texas.

Linda Carrette began her paralegal career in 1983. She has worked for small firms, legal consulting groups, mid-sized firms, nationwide firms, and international firms and currently works at Strasburger & Price, where she specializes in litigation.

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Published: August 19, 2015
Podcast: Paralegal Voice
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