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It is important for lawyers to keep up with the newest pieces of technology. Software and products are constantly improving and it can be incredibly beneficial for a firm to switch to a new system. These new software packages can save time for lawyers who are then able to focus on new clients or marketing rather than busywork that can be automated. TechnoLawyer is a network of free legal newsletters that keeps lawyers and legal administrators up to date with the newest technology in the field. Every year, TechnoLawyer’s newsletter, TL Newswire, reports on nearly 200 new products and services for law firms. From these, TL NewsWire subscribers choose the top 25 new products of the year.

On this episode of The Legal Toolkit, host Heidi Alexander interviews TechnoLawyer’s founder, Neil Squillante, about the newest legal technology products for 2014, what they do, which ones are the most popular, and how each one can improve a law firm’s efficiency. These products include management software, dedicated document management systems, case prep and litigation support tools, e-discovery tools, trial specific software, document encrypting tools, eNewsletter marketing tools, and research products and services. Companies like LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters have developed features that range from connecting with Dropbox to assisting in public records research. Every lawyer or legal administrator could benefit from the information that this crash course provides.

Neil Squillante, the founder and publisher of TechnoLawyer, has practiced commercial, intellectual property, and securities litigation at a large international firm in New York City. Neil’s areas of expertise include advertising and publishing technologies, information architecture, persuasive writing techniques, statistical analysis and research, and legal technology. At the end of each year, Neil gives the TL Newswire’s Top 25 Products Awards to the legal products subscribers find the most interesting.

*Correction: An earlier version of this description said TL Newswire prints the top 25 most popular new products each year. TL Newswire reports on nearly 200 products and services each year, with subscribers choosing the top 25.


Mentioned in This Episode

The 25 Hottest Legal Products of 2014 So Far

  1. Primafact: The Paperless Litigation Practice Becomes a Reality
  2. Digital WarRoom Express: Ediscovery Breaks the $100 Barrier
  3. Drafting Assistant — Transactional 2.0: Transactional Document Drafting Enters a New Era
  4. Ntrepid Timestream: Show Your Client’s Story Instead of Just Telling It
  5. NetDocuments ndOffice: Cloud Document Management Inside Microsoft Office
  6. Synergy Matters: Automation Meets Practice Management
  7. PhraseExpander Professional 4.0: Type Less, Write More
  8. Pathagoras 2014: All Your Document Templates at Your Fingertips
  9. TrialPad 4.0: Desktop-Class Trial Presentations From Your iPad
  10. Surface Pro 3: More Surface Area
  11. Rengaged: Automate and Personalize Your Email Newsletters
  12. PeopleMap on WestlawNext: Make Your Next Public Records Search the Only One You Need
  13. Legal Publish: Content-Driven Referral Marketing
  14. LexisNexis Sanction 3.5: Trial Presentation Software That’s Fast on Its Feet
  15. Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2014: Take Your Documents With You Without Them Leaving Your Firm
  16. Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Version 17: Managing Your Practice Includes Managing Your Documents
  17. LexisNexis Firm Manager: Practice Management Software That Has Your Back
  18. SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook: Email Encryption That Doesn’t Require a Cryptography Degree
  19. Legal Hub: Sharing Is the Point of Document and Practice Management
  20. Worldox for iOS 2.0: Mobile Document Management on Your Own Terms
  21. Concordance Traditional 10.20: Review Paper and Electronic Documents in the Same Software
  22. Thomson Reuters Solutions: Integrated Legal Tools for Integrated Law Firms
  23. LAW PreDiscovery 6.6: Ediscovery Processing for the Speed Obsessed
  24. Varidesk Pro Plus: Take Your Work to New Heights
  25. Equil Smartpen: A Pen Mightier Than the Stylus
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Published: July 3, 2014
Podcast: Legal Toolkit
Category: Legal Support , Legal Technology , Practice Management
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