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Bill Ide’s resume is packed with impressive positions, not the least of which includes ABA President and general counsel of Monsanto. But the rise to his current status didn’t involve a predictable path after law school. Opting out of working for a big law firm after receiving his J.D., he instead accepted a clerkship for a federal judge in the South during a very important time in civil rights. Throughout his career after that, Ide was presented with many potentially risky opportunities, leading him to his position as GC and a leader in the corporate legal industry today.

In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Bill Ide about his career path, the decisions he made along the way, and what it truly takes to be a leader in the legal industry. In-house lawyers can gain insight from his experience with corporate governance and the future of the profession as a whole.

Topics Include:

  • How clerkship transformed Ide’s career
  • Representing the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
  • Involvement in the American Bar Association
  • The obligation of being self-regulating lawyers
  • Solutions to the issue of access to justice
  • How general counsels are driving the profession
  • Respecting stakeholders in critical decisions
  • Approaching in-house counsel as a public company director
  • The future of board governance and corporate governance

Bill Ide, currently a partner at the global law firm Dentons, previously served as general counsel of Monsanto. He has clerked for a future United States Attorney General, served as the president of the American Bar Association, was counsel to the U.S. Olympic committee, and has been and remains a director on many public company boards. He is additionally a leading voice on the important topic of corporate governance.

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Published: October 7, 2015
Podcast: In-House Legal
Category: Best Legal Practices
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