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Michael Chasin

Michael Chasin is CEO of Lexicata, a CRM and client intake software designed to help law firms and lawyers...

Jennifer Reynolds

Driven by a desire to change how clients experience separation and divorce, Jennifer founded Fresh Legal in 2015. Jennifer...

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Teresa Matich

Teresa Matich is the Content Strategist at Clio, where she’s responsible for educating the legal industry on market trends, best...

Andrew Booth

Andrew Booth works within the Business Operations department at Clio as the Learning Media Specialist. He is best known as...

Episode Notes

When does a client become a client? Is it when they sign a retainer agreement? Or is it earlier, when they come in for their initial consult or look up your firm’s website?

Client interactions begin earlier than you think. Providing amazing client experiences from the start can lead to happier clients, positive reviews, and more referrals, but legal clients are still frustrated by delayed follow-ups and inconsistent processes.

Michael Chasin, General Manager of Clio Grow, and Jennifer Reynolds, Owner of Fresh Legal, explain the ins and outs of client intake and acquisition—and why paying close attention to the client intake process is critical for building trust with clients.

Jennifer shares some of the success that’s resulted from improving client intake at Fresh Legal, and both her and Michael share their tips for testing, evaluating, and improving law firm client intake processes.

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Published: February 11, 2019
Podcast: Matters: A podcast from Clio
Category: Best Legal Practices
Matters: A podcast from Clio
Matters: A podcast from Clio

In the practice of law, small changes can have a big impact. Each episode of Matters features legal professionals and subject matter experts focusing on one topic that transformed their firms.

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