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Accessing Mental Health Help for Law Students

Law school, bar prep, and the legal profession in general can be hard on mental health, but there is help through Lawyer Assistance Programs that even law students can access. DeMario Thornton talks with Molly Ranns about the services and support available...

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‘The Shadow Docket’ shines light on an increasingly uncommunicative Supreme Court

In The Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic, University of Texas...

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Finally We Have U.S. News Law School Rankings… And They’re Weird

Joe and Chris talk about law school, layoffs, and basic decency.

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Can We Trust this Supreme Court with the Constitution? with Elie Mystal

The indomitable, outspoken, brilliant, and thoughtful Elie Mystal, author, columnist, and commentator, joins cohosts Jackie Gardina and Mitch Winick to discuss...

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#444: Streamlining Legal Operations for Success, with Catherine Sanders Reach

Stephanie talks with Director for the Center of Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association, Catherine Sanders Reach, about Legal...

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Environmental Law Series: The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)

Professor of law Katrina F. Kuh from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University discusses CERCLA, its origin &...

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eDiscovery: Not just for large firms!

“If You’re Litigating, You’re Doing eDiscovery.” Every practicing lawyer needs to understand the vital do’s and don’ts of digital data management....

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Demystifying Cryptocurrency for Lawyers

Ever since cryptocurrency made its debut, many have repeatedly questioned its validity. Is it legal tender? A scam? Well, in today’s...

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The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog || Five Things NOT to do with ChatGPT

Did marketers murder the blog? Admittedly, maybe—but never fear! Undoing the crimes of the past and crowning the king, er, blog...

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Overcoming Subconscious Bias, How We Can Do Better

We all have hidden biases that affect our decisions. Learn to identify and counter them with employment attorney Al De...

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Community Table: What To Fix When Revenue Dips || Designating Tasks, Trusting Your Team

Host Christopher T. Anderson diagnoses a law firm’s sudden revenue decline. Plus, how to designate daily tasks and show real...

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Our Vanishing Internet: Disappearing Data, Paywalls, and Memory Holes

In light of the recent Internet Archive lawsuit, Dennis has some serious questions about what it and other recent happenings may mean...

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