Tony Sipp

Tony Sipp

Host of Paralegal Voice

Tony is the Paralegal Manager at MANNING & KASS where he manages paralegals at all 7 offices nationwide.  He is the former President for Los Angeles Paralegal Association, having led them through the challenges of 2020.  He is also a former Council Member for the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council where he Chaired the Government Relations committee.  Tony was appointed to the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Diversity in the Profession Committee in 2020 He’s been a guest speaker on several professional legal panels as well as podcasts, both domestic and international.  He has been published in multiple legal articles and was the recipient of NALA’s Affiliate Award.  In his spare time, Tony enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Krista, and his Chocolate Labrador, Mookie. His hobbies include cycling, capoeira, traveling and reading.  He’s a bit of a nerd.

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