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Shauna Dillavou

Shauna Dillavou

Shauna Dillavou is a security innovator, weaving together her experiences in intelligence, free speech, technology, and trauma. She heads Security Positive, a digital security consulting firm for women. In 2013, she founded CommunityRED to support free speech in closed societies. Her security career began in 2008 as an open source intelligence analyst, and has continued as a 2009 National Security Education Program Boren Fellow, a 2016 Truman National Security Political Partner. She writes on security in governance, trauma and technology, and regularly comments on security practices in her blog, Safe Spaces.

Guest Appearances
May 30, 2022

Data Privacy Concerns for Legal Services Providers

What are the trade-offs attorneys need to consider for their clients as the justice system digitizes? Panel discusses unintended consequences of mass data collection.